Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lani Drive!

Total Raised for Charity:


Donation Amounts and Rewards

25+ A personal autograph from Lanipator

100+ A personal phone call (as long as number is provided) from Lanipator and the Autograph

150+ An Autograph a Phone call and a Teamfourstar "Guess Who It Is" T-shirt signed by Lanipator, KaiserNeko, Takahata101, MasakoX, GanXingba, and Little Kuriboh once the signatures can be aquired.

Items For Sale

Yu Yu Hakusho Complete Series on DVD Signed by Lanipator and 1 box signed by Kyle Hebert

Full Series of Berserk on DVD signed by Lanipator

What remains of my Final Fantasy Unlimited Collection on DVD Signed by Lanipator

A Yusuke Urameshi action figure signed by who I believe to be Justin Cook, and Lanipator

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review: Book of Eli

The Book of Eli
Lani and his friend Alex share their thoughts on The Book of Eli.

Check out the Comic Crisis Core podcast HERE