Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sorry for the hiatus!

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been so long since I updated this site I have been kind of busy this summer. Got some of my first pro VA work (one of which may be on TV in the next year or so here so stay tuned) and have been auditioning for a lot of things ever since. Here is a character skin I got cast as in Heroes of Newerth.

So that was kind of fun. Also been busy with a lot of conventions starting back in May with AKon down in TX, lots of fun with a whole LOT of people. Then it was up to the great white north for Anime Evolution in June. It was fun going back to Taka's home province and seeing a lot of familiar faces form the con that we hadn't seen since it took a break back in 2010. Wish there was some A/C up there though cause it was HOT! Still lots of fun was had none the less.

After all of that some of you may have heard I got engaged to the love of my life Erika down in Disney World over our 5th anniversary.

It was a wonderful vacation and a wonderful time capped off by the single happiest event in my life so far.... and of course a meme formed out of it after Erika posted one of our engagement photos to Reddit .
Now it did get a lot of attention on Reddit but I didn't expect to get called by ABC News and The Today Show the next morning about running a segment on it on their shows. I think FOX was going to run one as well if I hadn't jokingly asked the guy if there really wasn't any real news happing that day. #alloutoffuckstogive
A local paper even ran an extended story on the subject if anyone is really interested.
Beyond all of that it's just been the usual Team Four Star stuff as well as work and spending time with my fiancé. I do intend to pick up production for this blog here again, and sorry to have kept you all waiting as I have. I'll try to update more often from here on out.
Oh also we got a kitten, his name is Salazar.