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LBZ Episode 6: Monkey Shines

Spudz faces his greatest challenge yet. A timed button press.

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My Favorite Scary Movies

I have been very forward in the fact that Horror is one of my least favorite genre of movies. Some may find it odd though that my favorite movie of all time is in fact Evil Dead 2, which is a horror movie. I will say that it's not that I don't like to be scared or that I am unable to be scared, I just feel that horror movies are often kindof a cop out for a studio because alot of times they are cheap to produce and it's easy as hell to write a paint by the numbers horror flick. Hell, look at this trailer for Smiley

Looks like the same shit you have seen 10,000 times before right? For those of you who think this is something new let me name a few things: Friday the 13th, Urban Legends, Scream, Sleep Away Camp, Black Christmas, Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sorority Row, My Bloody Valentine, Silent Night Deadly Night, Hell Night, When A Stranger Calls, The Strangers, Child's Play, Texas Chainsaw Massacres, A Nightmare on Elmstreet, among others including all of their sequels. I'm not saying all of those are the same, but you know what I'm getting at right? Alot of horror movies these days have just become kind of tropey. That's not to say there isn't a good one every now and then, but it's such an over saturated genre that it's really hard to pick out the snicker's bars from all the shit.

That being said here is a list of my top horror movies.

15. A Nightmare on Elm Street
This one will always hold a special place in my heart for being the first horror movie to scare me into insomnia back at the tender age of 8 or 10.

14.  The House On Haunted Hill (Original)
Vincent Price is the fucking man and this movie is a classic. It created alot of the cliche's you'll find in any recent haunted mansion movie.

13.  The Exorcist / The Omen
Both are classics and I just couldn't decide which I enjoyed more, I will say neither ever freaked me out, but both are definitely worth watching.

12. Godzilla
"Oh it's just a guy in a rubber suit the dubbing is histarical lol" Shut up and go watch the original movie! Subbed or Dubbed both are good in my opinion though I do prefer the original Japanese myself. This movie is filled with amazing shots and effects for its time, some of which hold up today better than alot of our current gen CGI. Give it a shot, it may not be scary, but it's good.

11. The Ring
Japanese or American, both were good but I personally liked the American version a little more this time around. Lots of creepy images, alot of tense scenes, this is a good watch in the dark horror movie. Though I will say it's scariness was ruined for me after the first time I saw it after the first 15 minutes when they do that Jump scare of that girl curled up in the closet and a guy 3 rows behind me just yelled out "GOD DAMN!"... I laughed the rest of the damn movie. Another reason I fucking hate jump scares.

10. The Shining
My god is it beautifully shot. Plus Jack Nicholson is fucking amazing, this is a classic and if you haven't seen it yet, do.

9. Day of The Dead
Night of, Dawn of, Land of, this is my personal favorite in Romero's series of zombie flicks. It's got a good cast, a detestable villian, and some of my favorite practical gore effects in a movie.

8. Paranormal Activity
I don't care what other people say, I enjoyed this one, I know it can feel really boring but I enjoyed it's rythm, to me it felt almost Lovecraftian in the sense that the more you learned the more of an air of danger you felt. To this day I will defend this movie. Though I will say before seeing 4 it did rank a little higher on my list.

7. The Thing
Some of the best practical effects I have ever seen in any movie, aside from that it's well shot, well performed and well written.

6. The Audition
This is the slowest of slow burns but it has an awesome payoff, don't let it get spoiled for you.

5. Halloween
This was my favorite horror movie for the longest time until I was introduced to the Evil Dead Series and Asian Horror Movies. It's easily one of the best slasher flicks out there and I even enjoy alot of the sequels.

4. Thirst
A Vampire flick from Chan-wook Park? Yes please. You may not find it scary but it's really damn good.

3. One Missed Call (Japanese)
This is probably the scariest movie on my list. So many creepy images, people who act like people should fucking act in their situation, it's a great package.

2. Cabin In The Woods
I loved this movie, while it may not have been very scary it is easily one of my favorite movies this year. At the same time, while it may not have been scary overall, it still had it's tense moments and for fucking once some characters you care about. I won't spoil it but trust me, if you feel the same way about horror movies that I do, this one might make your top 10 as well.

1. Evil Dead 2
This is my favorite movie of all time ok? Can't be favorite of all time without being my favorite in it's own damn genre. It's fun, it's got great effects, it's got genuine creepy moments, it's got Bruce Campbell. Watch it.

Note: For those wondering where Army of Darkness is, I really don't consider it a horror movie no matter what genre people say it is.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

MoV Log: This Year in Horror



Silent Hill Revelation

Honestly if you are looking for good horror movies to watch this Halloween (in my opinion) replace each of the following with one of these:

Sinister: One Missed Call (Japanese)

V/H/S: Creep Show

Silent Hill Revelation: Dagon

Paranormal Activity 4: FUCKING ANYTHING, but for posteritie's sake maybe Grave Encounters? It's better atleast and worth a watch if you like the genre

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LBZ Episode 5: Uh-Oozaru!

Spudz's got a brand new bag.

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LBZ Episode 4: Who's Your Daddy?

When Spudz faces off agains one of his 3 papas somethings gotta give.

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LBZ Episode 3: The Power of Love!

When Spudz faces down a pair of emotionless drones, sometimes all he has to do is prove that they care... and kick the ever loving fuck out of them and take their shit of course.

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LBZ 2: A World Tournament to Remember

After Training with "Master" Yamcha, Spudz begins his adventure in the world...

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LBZ Episode 1: The Birth of Spudz

The Spawn of Mr.Popo, Son Goku, and Piccolo fights evil for great justice!

What will Spudz do next?  Find out next time on Laniball Z!

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MoV-Log Looper


Summer Movie Rant
Not all is good in movie land.

Click HERE to see the Red Letter Media video I was talking about.