Monday, October 22, 2012

Mov-Log: Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4
Who's ready to flip some tables?


  1. Wow. I know it's bad, but DAMN. That's bad.

  2. i loved this. would you do a review of Sinister as well?

  3. Sinister does sound like a good idea. Or maybe a movie you've seen that you actually liked. Just to change it up a bit.

  4. The 3rd one also had zombie grandmas awww shit son!

  5. Exorcist 2 had the same problem when they gave the demon that possessed the girl a name and it was so stupid. also had something to do with grasshoppers or crickets.

    Had James Earl Jones in it too. Overall it ruined the movie series they failed to make early on. At least the original still stands.

  6. A movie I'd love to see you do a review of is Mirrors. Its not a new movie, came out in...2008 or 2009, but I enjoyed it.

  7. Review Looper. You will probbly like it.

  8. I don't think the movie was that terrible. Also, I'll say what happened at the secret ending, if you want to know. I'm not expecting you to read it, or even change your mind, just some of my own thoughts.

    *I will be talking in spoilers*

    I feel I can agree with some of the characters were pointless, and less likable cause they made them on the spot. It's hard to make characters when they'll be killed off anyway. Just like in any slasher flick. You have to build somehow. But that's neither here or there.

    The reason they followed Wyatt and what happened to him because Katie/Toby were building the cult further, and couldn't hold on to a less than one year old, feed, and raise him. Katie had to put him up adoption.

    Sadly, what Toby really wants with Hunter is still up in there air. Maybe he needs the body to use, and has to use it as a certain age.

    As in how the movie picks up. I figured all of them were the exact way. The entire series is all very calm excluding the last few seconds. And it slowly built from it. 1 had the shortest freak out ending. 2 was a bit longer. 3 further more. And 4 latest even longer.

    As for where Robbie came from. I agree, he confused me, and where he came from. What I conclude with it is that Robbie is another spirit. If you recall, once Hunter realized who Toby was, and could see him... Robbie vanished. And you see behind Hunter thanks to the Kinect was being followed by a child like entity. Maybe it's another spirit/demon. Who knows. Im still on the rope about it as well.

    As for multiple possession/Katie doing stuff, and Toby as well... Maybe the possession has been there for so long... Like, he's been inside for so long, it's second nature. Or that Toby is getting stronger and stronger. Remember in the beginning of 1 and 2, he's weak, and can't do much at first. 3, he just seems to get fed up with Kristi not agreeing to be his bride, and just started to fuck shit up for everyone until she did.

    Finally, the secret ending... The dialogue goes along like this.

    Guy: "Hey, lets go into the convenience store."

    Goes in

    Guy: "What? Why is this all witchcraft stuff?"

    Older woman freaks him out

    Woman: "It's only just beginning."

    Again, I don't expect this to change your view. But I talked with a few friends about it, and thought it was interesting in it's own right. And hell, that the series is continuing shouldn't be surprising. Any movie/game/music that is easy to make, and makes loads of money, they're gonna keep going.

    I actually wanted the Daughter and Spanish Cleaner from 2 to go out and hunt, looking for Hunter. Or at least investigate. But that would take away from what this series is. Its all about waiting to see who dies, and how. And I don't expect them to stop, sadly.

  9. You think of The Office? Interesting.

    You said "Toby" and the first thing in my mind was the Roots tv series...

  10. You are just confirming how much I'm NOT going to see this. I like movies so bad they're funny, but nope. I don't get that from this.
    AT ALL.

  11. I don't know why, but some of your videos, including this one, won't play for me. I think it may be a glitch or something.
    Can't wait to see you face the final boss on RoN!