Monday, November 16, 2009

Just an Update

Hey guys it's been a while!

Sorry I've been really busy after getting back from Youmacon (which was awesome!) trying to get caught up on class work and keeping up with friends and family just been kinda hard settling back down into reality again. I have seen a few movies which I plan to review and there's a special advertisement coming for the new TEAM FOUR STAR T-SHIRTS fairly soon. (Today or tomorrow)

Other than that I've seen a few more movies which I'll write and or post proper reviews of once I get the chance.

Also maybe an article on Dragon Age as I've been having alot of fun with that.

This and more later on Lanipwned

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  1. dood wat about YYHA?

  2. I still can't edit with my computer making that impossible. Any video I upload for right now will be a file I make from my school which will more than likely involve little to no editing of footage.

  3. oh you lucky little shit I've been pining for dragon age for awhile but I can't afford it

  4. what about your "Atop the Fourth Wall" appearence?

  5. I am a fan of DBZ and it's "abridged" version. Tell the others at TeamFourStar, including KaiserNeko about the controversy about some idiot on Youtube who slammed you guys and Daizex:


    Lani, THIS. XD (4:30)