Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Breakers and Borderlands





  1. If you have xbox live and want some co-op fun, or some cool weapons hit me up.

  2. they invented a blood substitute years ago. haven't the idiots seen any of the blade movies ?

  3. Wow

    Borderlands = Fallout 3 for Retardet?

    Fallout 3 = Fallout (or RPG) for Retardet.

  4. During the review of Daybreakers... was that thumping sound the washer or something?

  5. i just got borderlands and i was really disapointed with it because alot of people in reviews said it was sort of like fall out 3 with more guns and co op but its nothing like fall out at all fall out 3 has more customizations aspects and rpg aspects and it also has a free roam map system with deeper npc interaction and more choices for pretty much everything as to where in borderlands you just get off a bus and they give you a gun and let you slightly change the color of your character and through the rest of the game you do boring side quests and just run around a nd kill people and eventually collect better weapons i found it to be funner when i played it online though LOL you described it perfectly its like a retarded fall out 3

  6. I loved Borderlands, heck I have it on PC and Xbox and it's just a lot of fun. It's silly and it has good action, so it's all good.

  7. Little thing about Borderlands' world being named Pandora... more of a subtle reference to Pandora's box (Get it, the Vault is the box?). Great game. Funny references. HIGH replayability.

    Also, Hunter w/ survior mod is unstoppable.

  8. lol i want to see a lets play for this lol for borderlands