Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Academy Awards Time

The Nominees Are...


Legion and The Lovely Bones




  1. Lani, I suggest you read the novel version of "The Lovely Bones". It's much more gritty, shocking, and suspenseful than the movie. In the book, Mr. Harvey actually DOES get stabbed by the icicle, and the "icicle as a murder weapon" shows up in other parts as well.

    It's honestly one of my favorite books, and I guarantee you'll like it much better than the movie (although it looks like that won't be too hard.)

  2. adding to rikku's comment. while i didn't like the movie either, the book was based on an actual serial killer who was actually found dead at the bottom of a cliff. it would have been stupid to do it any other way.

  3. Honestly, I never read the book "The Lovely Bones", and, after hearing the synopsis years ago, I never really wanted to. I have friends who loved the book, but stories like that just really aren't my cup of tea. I don't really like to read about depressing stuff that happens in real life; I like the sci-fi fantastical stuff. So when I heard about the movie, I knew I wasn't going to see it.

    I was wrong. I was invited by my host mom in Japan where I am currently staying for a semester to go with her and her daugher and her daughter's friend to see a movie. I was interested in seeing a movie in Japan and expected to see a Japanese movie, and was enthralled with the idea of having to guess what was going on and excersise my listening skills. What I got instead was..."The Lovely Bones". With Japanese subtitles. Crap, what did I just walk into? ~.~; Answer: A movie I had no desire to see, and rightfully so. That film just weirded me out beyond belief. I didn't hate it, but it did weird me out. The special effects were just strange and over the top, even for a story taking place in the 1970's, and the story itself, well, you said it all in a nutshell, so I won't even go there. I will say that it's not a film I will be seeing again in the future. It sort of pissed me off that there was no real relief from the drama (I can't stand overly dramatic films, etc) and to top it all off, there is no real justice to be had either. What a bummer. I wanted to see that b****** go out MUCH HARDER; if I had to sit through the entire film, I at least wanted a satisfying end to this creeper. Part of me was "YES. YOU GOT YOURS, B****. XD" and part of me was "...Really? That was it? That's all you're gonna give us after throwing a girl's body in a friggin' sinkhole?? What a load! DX"

    So, yeah. Not a movie I will be seeing again, and, contrary to what it was meant to do, this film actually discouraged me from even considering picking up the book. So I won't be reading the book either. EVER.

    I enjoyed your review. You rock, man. ^_^

  4. I agree with everything you said about Inglourious Basterds.

  5. I <3 Up ^^ I cry every time in the beginning. I can also tell you are very connected to this movie, whenever you bring it up......well I can tell that you love this movie too.

  6. Disagree on District 9 and Avatar. I thought that District 9 was fan-friggin-tastic. And I thought Avatar was a steaming pile...

  7. Actually the reason the movie sucked was because the book sucked. don't fault peter jackson. The movie followed the book almost to complete T and didn't really vary much. I think he tried to stay entirely too close to the book which lacked a good bit of suspense in the first place. I mean the book was good for what it was but the author sucked at suspense as well. everytime it got to the good suspenseful moment, it didn't follow through like it should've

  8. hey, omg...u neeeeed to see 9 i've seen it so many times, it's a goooood movie...anyway, i LOVE inglorious bastards! omg! >.<

    but hey, im going to be getting a laptop with webcam and mic in abt 2wks so i'll be able to put up vids of myself and not just my cat...if i feel up to it...>.> anyway, i wanted to know if it would be ok to talk about you and TFS in my vids if i ever get to making them.

    also, i wanted to let you know that if you like vampires and books, im writing a series and i've only got a few chapters on my blog of the first book, im kind of in a writers block at the moment, but if you do read it, please tell me what you think and that goes for anyone else that reads this's my blog link:

    well, now that that's said and done, i hope you guys keep up the good work and make more of them kick-ass vids. I love TFS's work, you guys are amazing and hilarious. Love you guys! TTYL!

  9. I completely agree with your take of Legion i remember a comment from the beginning Gabriel says to Michele and he shall unleash the hounds of heaven or something a total wth moment there i wondered about that for a while finally decided he meant the angels being gods dogs woah bitter much. Was it just me or did Gabriel sound like a whiny jealous brat who wants daddy's attention and is angry his daddy likes his brother better. I did find one thing amusing though Bob, Jeep's father has that lighter from his ex wife still after all this time. Well after all of them leave to run from Gabriel, Gabriel walks around there and Bob lights the lighter and blows the place up in a effort to save everyone else. I found it incredibly amusing and ironic that the lighter said Hope on it. I also thought the scenes were strait out of the mummy the plague of flies/locusts looked almost exactly the same also the angel possessed people looked like the freaken priests from the mummy. It has been years since i have seen The Mummy so i could just be imagining it a bit.It also reminded me of some of the monsters from Devil May Cry 3 I love playing The Bloody Palace. The best part of the movie aside from the angel fight had to have been the first possessed person that Charlie meets that old lady. I laughed though that entire scene it looked like something out of The Ring or The Exorcist, except with an old lady. I had people all through the theater glaring and giving me odd looks because i couldn't stop laughing. I should not be writing a review when i haven't slept for almost 3 days I don't think i can even make out half of what i wrote oh well have fun trying to decipher this if you actually read it i really ramble when sleep deprived.