Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lanipator Commercial Voice Over Demo Reel

Hey guys sorry for the lack of content lately, been hella busy finishing up final projects for school and the lease ran out on my apartment so I had to find a new one and am currently in the process of moving in there. Aside from that I had to get a new car etc. etc. etc. But don't worry things will be back in short swing soon. Expect a new YYHA very soon (for those of you attending my Panel at Anime Detour >.>)

Anyway I posted this and expect some movie reviews and stuff once I get everything all moved in to my new place. Peace guys ^^v



  1. I like your voice in this one; very good commercial voice.

  2. Your voice is adorable love love love it. Nice!

  3. It was a fantastic demo for the commercial voice over but I believe that it need more practice to perform it will full perfection and get apprecited by the people.

  4. Adorable post.when we working in any field then we have to more and more hard work.Like that, we want to more handwork for voice over field or for demo. It has Appreciated post.