Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Eclipse

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  1. Lani, I'm a girl and I hate this crap too xD
    Hahaha, twilight sucks.

    This review is great, and made me lol :)
    And I wanna watch The Karate Kid.

    And you're there to take the complete piss out of the movies ^^

  2. Evil Harpo makes a much better nickname than Crazy Gene Wilder.

  3. XD +1 Liam Neeson! I adore him to death. I'm glad I haven't heard a single thing by Justin Bieber yet.

    ....GAAAH! My personal space got violated through the computer!

    "I don't care!" :D TWITTER!!! TWITTER AWAY! I love them, heck I retweeted a couple of them.

  4. I laughed too hard and choked on my coffee at the Eclipse review. And I agree about John Malcovich, he was once amazing, now borderline awful.
    Again Lani, lols all around! Cheers!

  5. I'm a girl but, I can't stand Justin fucking Bieber either. They seriously should have had a different song at the end of Karate Kid. Other than that, I loved it and I also liked Ecplise too but, Bella should serously be killed off because, she becoming more like a Mary Sue and it's getting annoying. Well, enough of my useless ranting. You rock Lani. Can't wait until YYHA 20.

  6. Yeah I forced myself to read the books and both the books and the movies are SO BORING! It is ridiculous! Bella is totally Mary Sue and Stefanie builds no character personality and traits during the books! I totally agree with you! I am a girl also and don't like Justin Beiber!

    I am guessing that normal girls like twilight because Jacob's hot...Or something.

  7. Seriously, Lani you should look into RIFFtrax.

    They are made by the makers of MST3K and it is hilarious.

    Almost funny enough to save the series. Almost.

    Youtube it for some best of tracks. They are amazing.

  8. I want to see you review the Last Airbender, and hear your thoughts on how M. Night Bastardized the series.

  9. ya im not an annonymous i got a name and its carl but anyway you seem like the kind of guy that would take his own fuckin time and watch movies so that other people wouldn't waste theirs' but you seem like a pretty cool guy and not like oh im here to brag and talk about how much you ppl suck. no you actually (and hope to god for this) somewhat care.

  10. The blonde Vampire--Rosalie--is from the 1920s-30s and (get this) her DAD, a banker, survived the 29 crash "because he was a banker." I'm not kidding, that's smeyer's reason that her family is well-off during the Great Depression. XD No research at all.

    So yeah, I hate the series, too. :D

  11. Logan you must not have watched my full video I mention the rifftrax in it XD

  12. I'm a girl and still cannot stand Justin Bieber. XD I agree with your opinions and would like to know your opinion on The Last Airbender. As terrible as it was, your opinion would be hillarious.

  13. This is BD for you:

    1. Big fight scene that is hyped up, but never happens
    2. Bruising, pillowbiting, headboard destroying sex between a vampire and a human
    3. A birth scene straight from "Alien"
    4. Jacob falls in love with the baby, who can somehow grow up physically at 8 years old (in other words "pedophilia")

  14. Dude, have you seen the eclipse Buger King comercial, were they had fans talk to people. These girls are talking to this old guy. "Who would you want your daughter to date a vampire or a warwolf?" and hes all like ummm neither. I would be like i don't give a f, just let me se what i won. WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO DATE EITHER!!! I Mean SH!T! "WHO WOUD YOU CHOOSE EDWARD OR JACOB?!"

  15. ahahahah omg i loved you review!
    you read my mind for the whole twilight thing xD
    thanks to you I made a new joke :3
    "Edward: GOSH you smacked all the glitter off of me? How will I sparkle now?"
    you are amazing!!

  16. Sounds like the Twilight characters got Candle Jac-

  17. If it makes you feel better the back stories in the book series would have made better stories and movies rather than the main one.

    And if you think its bad now then you have NO IDEA about all the wonderful crap waiting ahead in the last one.

  18. Yeah. Breaking Dawn is all simply build up with a happy ending. Bella becomes a vampire, she gains a super power(Whoop-de-doo), they have a kid who grows up in like, a month, there is no fighting, NO one dies, and everyone goes off to live their wonderful lives of rainbows, sunshine, and body glitter in the end. A complete waste of time, even by Twilight standards

  19. The four one would be so epic if Tarantino would direct it. There's a baby bitting her way out of Bella's stomach, blood and guts flying everywhere as Edward bites the umbilical cord with his teeth; Edward literally breaks the headboard while they're getting it on and there's pedo-relationship between Jacob and Renesmee (the baby monster).
    I mean holy cow! Sign me up for that shit!