Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2

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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I laughed at all of Paranormal Activity 2. I think it worked better as a comedy than a horror. I saw it about an hour before watching the first movie, and I'm not sure which I liked better, but I agree that they tied together really well.

  2. I saw Paranormal activity 1 with my friends in my dark basement (on the projector). We laughed our way through the movie too. The only time we got scared during the viewing of the movie was when my brother randomly went into the washroom discreetly from his room (which is in the basement as well). A friend of mine was like wtf was that and all we see is this white floating figure (his shirt) was just faintly glowing from the light bouncing off the projector screen. lol.

    So, ya not my kind of movie, which is exactly why I don't care about watching 2. But ya, I'm not one of those idiots that bash others for liking a movie they don't nor do I bash movies I haven't seen, so no comments on Paranormal Activity 2 from me.

    Lani, you seen RED yet? Just saw it today and absolutely loved it. Very entertaining movie. If you've seen it, what are your thoughts on it, if you haven't, then definitely watch it.

  3. roflmao, excuses excuses Lani but yeah. i saw the first one and i thought it was pretty decent for "discovered footage" kind style but i'm not completely sure about 2 yet. i haven't seen it yet but i'm looking forward to it. i'm hoping to see it soon with a friend of mine. but the funny thing for me was when my friend came to my house directly from a midnight showing of it cause he was creep ed out. (we have our own long boring story to that but, anyways) i'm pretty sure i'm agree with most of what you said and i'm just hoping i don't fall asleep watching it. r-r i have enough problems falling asleep during zombie movies. any who keep up the great work :3

  4. You should do more vids with the GF! The two of you together is priceless entertainment. lol

    But yeah on to the movie. I thought both of the movies were just decent. Not to good on the scary side but the plot is interesting. Though I did jump at some points. The ending was freaking hilarious and I had to contain my laughs. I don't know if they should do another one or just leave well enough alone. Most likely the latter is best.

  5. God, ain't girlfriends a hoot?

  6. Woah, I think I know where you filmed this review. It might have been in my old dorm.