Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MoV-Logs 04/12/2011

Behold the power of a prepubescent girl!

Source Code
Matrix * Groundhog Day + Duncan Jones=???


  1. Do you always pick at your facial hair while filming, or am I just noticing today because you made a YouTube vid about it?

    Anyway, your positive reviews are making me think I can go back to theaters again. Originally, I wasn't too keen on Source Code because I was tired of that YouTube ad of Gyllenhaal’s eye all up in my face. I hadn't even heard of Hanna. It sucks being in a college town without a real theater.

  2. Lol, id be that chick in the back of the movie theater throwing my shoes at this guys face yelling "FUCK YOU" and then try to spit on him on my way out of the movie theater. :D

  3. Damn! I wish I could go to St Louis to witness the beard. Anyway, I like the review and will definitely check out both movies.

  4. To me, Source Code = Prince of Persia: Modern Warfare.

  5. I really wish you could come to memphis's lil anime con. Tiger Con is May 13th-15th! free rsvp. there's also anime blues convention july 8-10th in memphis as well with Vic M.!