Monday, June 20, 2011

MoV-Log Monday 6/20/2011

The Green Lantern
Brightest Day or Darkest Night?


  1. its meant to be the beggining of the justice league series

  2. In terms of accuracy, this film was horribly off. I won't complain about the false story line, all hero movies do that. But the representation of certain characters was absolutely horrible. Hammond in the comics had a head so insanely big you would wonder how he could even stand upright, not a small swelling like in the movie. And Parallax was neither a former guardian nor a cloud, he was a giant fucking space insect parasite that was the physical embodiment of fear. Choosing Parallax as a villain was pretty sad, seeing as they wrote him in to make a bs story when GL became unprofitable in '94.

  3. howsitsupposedto seel toys if the toys are so fucking cheap

  4. Lani, these reviews are things I go to to get my movie reviews and even determine to watch a movie....but they are a bit too long and rambly....though I'm sure I'm not one to say anything about producing entertaining and engaging material, I feel like your reviews would benefit from more energy, and a shorter, snappier feel.

    Thanks, and lots of love from a fan!

  5. Ok everything you said Lani was what I've been telling others. About the boring parts do you not remeber the bar scene right before he leaves for the GL planet, I almost fell asleep from their silly love conversation. This movie can be summed up in its own words "Were only Human".


  6. Lani, this has nothing to do with the movie, which was horrible, but I was wondering if you knew about Amnesia: The Dark Descent- Justine?
    If not, it's a DLC for Amnesia with a new character and new monsters, which would be awesome to see an LP of with your humor.

  7. Yeah from the looks of the box office numbers we'll probably not even get to see a sequel.

    Heck we'll probably not even see any superhero film starring the lesser known superheroes! At all.

  8. I am right now putting Green Lantern the same way I view Batman Begins. Both were as you said okay films. Each laid a decent foundation of things to come, and each at the end sets up the hero's greatest villain to allow themselves to show up in the sequel.

    Hopefully like Batman Begins, we will get a sequel that not only does better than the first film but surpasses it in so many ways.

    They already said there is going to be a sequel despite box office number being poor right now.

    Also your comment about no reason for Sinestro to put on the yellow ring at the end, I do see your point and who knows maybe it will be explained in more detail in the next one.

  9. hey lani just so ya know here is why sinestro turns in the comic's "Thaal Sinestro, at the time the universe's greatest Green Lantern, was sent to Earth by Supernova in a plot to erase Guy Gardner from history. Booster Gold was assigned to prevent this from happening. To do so, he convinced Sinestro to leave Earth, claiming that he was an admirer from the future, and that his yellow Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring was a tribute to Sinestro. When asked what Corps he belongs to, Booster ad-libbed "The...Sinestro Corps," leading Sinestro to twirl his mustache in thought while mumbling "Of course...Of course." "

  10. This was a hollywood piece of crap Lani and I'm not sure it's all hollywoods fault. DC always write terrible story lines and now that they're trying to write a dramatized story of a kids cartoon... They dun goofed. Even 52 made more sense then this movie imo and that was about alternate world colliding. I like comics and I really enjoy when an awesome hero kicks some badguys ass and I've made my own stories 1000 times better then this one. I just wish they would stay cannon when then make blockbuster movies. Don't change what isn't broken.

    Lol Lani you always make awesome stuff haha take it easy man