Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Viva Breaking Bad

This is what happens when you mix Rubidum and Water.
Fuck Yeah Heisenberg! Edit This idea was inspired by the lovely Spnkyhappy <3


  1. Mr.Landis, I am Ben Washington,owner,founder,and CEO of Washed Corp,WashedRecords,and WashedCartoons.I am very impressed by your voice acting performances in Team Four Stars' parody of dragon ball z abridged as Vegeta and Piccolo. So I want to give you the opportunity to voice Raccoon the Lame Avenger,an African American antihero.I feel this role best suits you because of the way you can manipulate your voice to being rough, gritty, and very intimidating.Just like the character you can make into a icon.

    Contact me: BCWashington12@gmail.com

  2. Dear Mr. Pator,

    Will you ever finish Rise of Nightmares?