Saturday, November 10, 2012

MoV-Logs: 11/10/2012

Sorry about the camera issues in these videos, did some googling and reading, hopefully they will be fixed soon.

The Man With The Iron Fists


  1. Perfect Dark WAS a better game, some people are just REALLY biased about 007. Just because it was the first, doesn't mean it was the best.

  2. I went to see skyfall yesterday and it was pretty good it may not be up there in the greatest top 10 bond films of all time. But like you said it's a MUCH better film then quantum of solice

  3. I thought it was pretty pretty clear how tongue-in-cheek the movie is, especially since it was directed and written by a guy whose entire career has revolved around old cheesy kung fu action movies. Was it a good movie? I couldn't say that. Was it supposed to be a "good" movie? I don't think so.

    Not that it's on Black Dynamite levels of parody genius, but it should be pretty clear that the movie's purposely re-using a ton of classic martial arts movie tropes to tell a dumb, predictable, utterly ridiculous story with some decent action sequences.

  4. I just have question for Lani, what do you think of Danile Craig's Bond because some people like the new "thug" Bond and others like the new Bond and I want to know what you think.

  5. Sorry but No, just no. Come on Lani, how could you possibly say you liked 'Die Another Day'? It's just 'Batman & Robin' but with James Bond replacing Batman and Halle Berry replacing Robin.

    No seriously, think about it. Both movies have:

    -A Villain with an interest in Diamonds.
    -A Villain with a base of operations with an 'Ice' Motif.
    -A Villain in a goofy powersuit
    -A Villain's physical appearance being altered as the result of a prior accident in their lives.
    -A Popular Rich guy's company building Satellites in order to manipulate the Sun's rays.
    -Aforementioned Satellites being a plot device for the movie's endgame.
    -A ridiculous 'Surfing' scene.
    -An annoying sidekick.
    -Bad CGI.