Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lani Plays: DMC Devil May Cry

DMC: Devil May Cry


  1. first time being doesn't feel as special as i thought

  2. The Boston accent is probably because he resembles the Scout from TF2.

  3. Something worthy to watch while I eat my buffalo wings. Did I ever tell you Lani that you are my hero?

  4. The music...all I can think when I hear it is...

    "It's time to baaattle...medabattle...TO THE TOP!"

  5. Lani, could you play this all the way threw with us, please?
    Just this once?
    For me?
    You can pick up everything you missed with your new items.

  6. Thanks for biting this bullet for me, Lani. I've caught one or two DMC-inspired jokes in some of your other work, so I knew you were enough of a fan of the first games to remember dialog. I also know you don't take kindly to sloppy game design and bad storytelling.

    I have to say I'm *not* keeping an open mind regarding this. From that first trailer, through Capcom and Ninja Theory's counter-productive damage control, to gameplay videos by folks who were experts at DMC1, 3 and 4, my impressions of it have gotten steadily worse.

    So I'm happy to let you suffer for the sake of my morbid curiosity.

  7. The xenophobia didn't seem all that necessary, Lani.

    I mean what would Masako say?

  8. One of the very few interesting things about this game is the music.