Monday, September 7, 2009


Alright guys here's the problem I've been having recently which may explain the reason I have been lacking content

My PC has served me well and we've been through alot together... unfortunately my outdated companion here has decided to take it upon itself to devour every little video file I try to make any longer than what seems to be 4 minutes long, and mind you this is with any program I try to edit with I became so desperate I even tried using Windows Movie Maker which even compared to Pinnacle is a step down.

I'm doing my best but I can't tell you how much of a Moral killer it is to edit through a scene of something after writing and recording it only to have my computer say "NOM NOM NOM mmmm tasty but needs more lols"

I'm trying to shop around for a new one looking for the best one I can afford and luckily my birthday is coming up in a few weeks but I'll still be hard pressed to scrape together the cash I need. I'll keep you guys updated from here but expect alot more text than usual rather than video until I can get this sorted out.



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  1. That sucks, dude. Well, if I'm reading that right, at least your rig is still letting you record voices, so that's SOMETHING until you're able to get back to editing.

    My comp is still limping along, but it's been having more and more stability problems lately. It's frustrating because it's still a perfectly good machine in terms of its speed and capabilities, so I'd really hate to have to replace it, but I'm getting past the point where I can explain it away as a software problem and convince myself that THIS time, reinstalling Windows really will fix everything.

  2. duuuuuuuuuuuude i have an idea man download a program called malwarebytes anti malware dude it will clean your computer up even if you think its clean lmao, trust me i know im just some random person on the net but malwarebytes will help you alot, if you already have it then i suggest getting cc cleaner it will clean your computers tempory junk files XD if you have any more questions or wish to get some apps to help tweak yer comp out just add my youtube crazeddevil606