Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rage Face

Just kinda came to my attention that I'm the voice of the Rage Face meme or so some would have me believe ever since this video using an audio clip from my Final Fantasy Unlimited Review was posted.

Not only has it gotten over 200K views (to put it to scale most of my live action vids only get about 20k views where as DBZA gets around 300-500k in the span of a few months) but it's been cited on Encyclopedia Dramatica (probably the only time I will ever link to that site) and Know Your Meme.

Why am I mentioning this at this time you ask? Quite simple really. Due to a small corrupt sound effect file in the latest episode of YYHA I have been working on, the entire episode was corrupted as well as all of the save files for it. Yes that is about 2 days worth of work right there I am glad you asked, and yes I do intend to rebuild it. On that note I present to you my reaction to this situation.

Original Audio From This Video



    Just gotta be patient for some more YYHA goodness

  2. That really sucks. Maybe this is just me, but whenever I lose a lot of work I find it somewhat easier to redo everything a second time... In fact, sometimes the second go-round is like a forced second draft, so it comes out better! Keep your chin up! :D

  3. Congrats on being part of a meme by accident.

  4. That poor employee. Funny as hell though.

  5. Epic ringtone. Thats my favorite song.

  6. I had the same reaction when I watched final fantasy unlimited. I still have yet to finish that show. But I will say I know alot of memes and your show is what I heard it from first.

  7. WHATS THE NAME OF THE SONG!!! the ringtone song

  8. Can somone PLZ tell me or email me the name of the ringtone song!? My email is Alchemist8690@hotmail.com