Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YYHA 19 Commentary




  1. I definitely noticed a change with your Keiko voice. But it's a good change! (Kuwabara's voice is my favorite though)

    Also I think Erica is doing a great job, and I'm looking forward to hearing more voices from her!

  2. honestly lani I said this in the episode it sounds like a sane Hinageshi

  3. Pshhhh. Episode 16 wasn't bad at all, in my humble opinion!

    That said, I do agree that Episode 19 kind of felt like a transitional episode. It had its gags, but it really served to introduce important plot points for the finale.

    And yeah, that Keiko voice is loose as a long-necked goose. Practice pays off!

  4. Hey Lani,
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  5. Hey Lani, this isn't really relating to the episode but... I was wondering what your take was on the Yusuke/Keiko relationship? Are you just exaggerating their personalities or is Keiko just a really creepy stalker and Yusuke hates her? XD

  6. Oh, that was you as Keiko, the voice changed so much I thought it was another actor. Impressive skills!

  7. Wait, you think episode 16 is one of your WORST?? Dude, you had us at "Living LOLcat"!! I say very few points were less than awesome in that episode.

    Though I do agree; the Poltergeist Report movie was 12 different kinds of awesome.

    Kuwabara: Oh c'mon! I mean, who stands on top of a tree?
    Hiei: Who PUNCHES DOWN a tree?!?


    Hinageshi: Hey loo---
    You know what? EVERY SCENE with Hinageshi was awesome!

  8. No! Not episode 6! That was one of my favourites! But I do agree that the poltergeist report was your best. and maybe episode 16 was perhaps the weakest.

  9. So Lani, how far ahead have you planned. You have a basic idea of what you want to do but is there any arc that you've completely planned from the get go like the Tunnel to Demon World arc for example?

  10. I have never seen Deliverance. I have never heard the dueling banjos music. And yet when it came on, I was like: OH YEAH DUELING BANJOS. And it was awesome.

    Episode sixteen might have been your weakest, but it was still much preferable to watching almost anything else out there. I loved the Poltergeist Report, and I think part of the "Shinageshi" charm is how crappy the movie was to begin with. My god your Keiko voice has changed.

  11. Lani...if you were to make yyh abridged shirts, I would so totally buy them...just so you know.

  12. wow your doing a great job i can't wait until episode 20 in the YYHA!