Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best and Worst Movies of 2010

True Grit
Fill those seats you son of a bitch!

Ong Bak 3 and Ip Man
One is Good one is bad, can you guess which is which?

Review of Ong Bak 2 Here

10 Best Movies of 2010
Some may be a little unorthodox but hey, it's my list.

10 Worst Movies of 2010
These movies were a waste of film.

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  1. Just saying i think it was at 43:26 when you snapped haha like your goin to explode!
    P.S i loved the video but good thing its only once a year you do this seems like all those bad movies makes you slightly unstable, haha but seeing you freak out was funny.

  2. On the Worst Movies list; gotta disagree with ya on Prince of Persia, but hey, whatevs. Agree to disagree n' all that, and it was still a good/entertaining list (though I haven't seen Machete, and am actually willing to give it a chance). Peace.

  3. Lani, this was definitely worth the length. Thank you. 2 things: sister has dragged me to all the twilight movies and eclipse was the most likely only one where I felt a little bad for a character's death, which was the scared little 13 year-old va...fairy(and she was dead after 2 min. of screentime!). And 2 is Shamalyan(I think that's the spelling) may be a shitty director nowadays, but he has been a shitty person for longer. I shit you not, I have a cousin who worked for him as his kids nanny and she became pregnant. Instead of listening to her when she said it would not cause problems until the very end of it, he straight up fired her. What the hell? Ok, I'm done and please keep reviewing: you're MUCH smarter than some other reviewers.

  4. hey its travis(yes the ones you used to work with at the theatre)i have some problems with your worst list.....

    1. the lovely bones was released in 2009 so is should not be on the list.

    and why the fuck isnt cats and dogs 2 or repo man or sherlock holmes or predators or furry vengence or cop out on your list.

  5. Love the reviews for Ong Bak 3 and Ip Man. Ong Bak 1 was amazing and 2 really confused me all over the place. I have yet to see 3 but really after your review, and WTF 2, I probably won't waste my time on it. Ip Man was well done, and one of my favorite Kung Fu movies.

  6. you know what's sad? Dev Pate; actually defended The Last Airbender...may go have mercy on his soul...

  7. CG Blood ? in Blade ? Blasphemy mr. landis BLASPHEMY!!!

    (well except the la magra scene)

  8. I definitely think Lani blew a fuse at some point...And now I have to say Devil, M. Night's most recently produced movie..WHICH HE ADVERTISED IN THE PREVIEWS WHEN I SAW LAST AIRBENDER (Ass hole advertising himself...) was NOT hal-...Okay it was bad, but watchable compared to the others, was seen by hardly anyone sheerly because M Night had something to do with it.

  9. Hey Lani, nice job on the top/bottom 10 list.
    I've been a fan of yours for just under a year now, and I just have to say I love your work. I consider you to be among the most talented of the abridgers and you have been a great inspiration to me. Check out my blog: you don't have to follow or anything, I'd just be honored if you looked it over and gave me some constructive criticism. I'm also working on my own abridged series, which would be a dream come true if it became successful. Anyway, keep up the good work and can't wait for your next project

  10. did anyone else notice how zuko went from ethier asian or white or whatever to whatever color his actor was. Not trying to be racist but it was realy annoying

  11. For the love of God stop eating during your videos