Monday, January 24, 2011

MoV-Log Monday 1/24/11

The Fighter

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  1. Next time go to your local 7-11 and just get cash back on a purchase, that way you always have access to cash :P

    Christian Bale is a great actor, he always goes all out when it comes to his parts! You should have seen him in The Machinist.

    Good review, I'll be seeing The Fighter later this week :)

  2. great review and awesome shirt

  3. The Cubs?? you mean the Bears ;) hahaha
    Anyways will we ever see the Top 100 Movie countdown?? i would love to!

  4. Go Pack Go! (I'm from wisconsin so of course I'm a packer fan) Got anyone your rooting for?

    I remember the machinest (pointing to the post above) I have never seen someone with such a mastery over their body before. He is amazing!