Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MoV-Log Monday 11/22/10

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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  1. Dude you have to read the books they are immense! So much better than the movies Please i beg you!!

  2. The Harry Potter series books and movies are so much better than Twilight. Twilight can just go burn in a fire for all I care.

  3. Harry Potter is overrated, and it got gradually more boring. The books aren't all that good and J. K. Rowling is not a genius. Deal with it.

  4. Quote The Harry Potter series books and movies are so much better than Twilight. Twilight can just go burn in a fire for all I care. end quote

    I agree but who should burn them is Hehie[sp?] should use his dragon of the darkness flame on them to burn everything of twilight.

    Anyway onto this blog funny Lani you and more in the same boat here on thr books and movies with Harry Potter.

    Before I forget Lani if you haven't seen the anime'' Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple'' I think you would like that anime and to me its better dubbed.

  5. I actually thought the Chris Columbus directed 'Sorceror's Stone' is the most faithful, and 'The Half-Blood Prince' or 'Order of The Pheonix' butchers the majority of the book.

    Anyways, I thought this one was a really a great, long character piece on these three friends. A critic I listen to actually called it an arthouse movie with a $250 million to blow, that never panders to mainstream wants. And while I do have my many gripes about this movie (despite me thinking it as great,) I have immense respect to the film for not adding all the flash and mirrors typical to most big-budget genre films.

    I'm also surprised you didn't mention that AMAZING animation sequence in the third act. It is AMAZING! Hence my usage of the word AMAZING. :P (Perhaps if you do a second review, only this time spoiler-filled?)

    And you should try and get into audiobooks. My brother who has absolutely no patience in the world uses audiobooks as his solace. :D

  6. So the horekrucks are the Shikon Jewel shards?

  7. in the words of Starkid's Harry Potter parody: "...Months of depressive camping around the mundane british contryside drinking bucket loads of pollyjuice potion..."
    lol just thought id add that.
    and yes, the seventh one is the darkest. my 6y.o sister wants to read the book but im going to wait til shes older there is way to watch 'bad stuff'. also surprised you didnt comment on naked harry and hermione. as someone who had read the book... it was completly unneccesary for the 'adult nuture' of that scene. lol.
    (tried to keep this spoiler free)

  8. Read the books! I know they're freakishly long, but they're supposed to be like that. They're all important. In the books, every scene is important, whereas in the movies they cut out the important stuff and add in crap that never happened in the books.

    Also, the length of the camping was important--Ron left because he was getting sick of all the camping and everything, and they had to show that or else the audience wouldn't really get it.

    Hope you read them at some point--don't let the movies make them seem bad, because they aren't; it's just the filmmakers adding in their crap.

  9. Ha you think you waited long watching this movie? I went to the midnight showing and the movie's audio got all screwed up so they had to rewind it back 20 minutes at the part where they go to the Ministry. People left but I was dedicated and stayed. We all got free movie passes to watch it again later. It was awesome