Friday, November 5, 2010

Movies in Review

Saw VII and Jackass 3D

Also check out PIXELthon this weekend if you got the time! It's an event helping to aid the Child's Play Charity from Penny Arcade! All things for a good cause :)


  1. You look so exasperated. xD

  2. Not a Saw fan, saw the first and my body just froze once that guy started cutting his own leg, in a CLOSE-UP picture! But I can't wait to see Jackass 3D, it's first the movies here about the 2nd December but boy am I excited already! Fuck Christmas I need to see THIS movie! XD Thanx for the (re)view anyways! :)

  3. Jackass 3D was awesome. Dildo cannon, jet engine fun, taser course, and Johnny Knoxville make this movie awesome. I was surprised that the 3D was pretty good too, I'm glad they made another one.

  4. Shoot, ended up watching Saw VII without the glasses anyway (headache). Can't say the 3D did much for it.
    Biggest things I got out of that movie: dun-dun-DUN!Dr. Gordon, and Sean Patrick Flannery stripping his shirt off several times (<3).
    Even the torture aspects weren't really enough to sate gorehounds. And the end consisted of more loose ends. >______>

    Saw the Paranormal Activity 2nd parody. You people make me laugh hard. <3 <3