Monday, November 29, 2010

MoV-Log Monday 11/29/10


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  1. I ADORE Enchanted. I have the DVD <3

  2. Now that Daisho Con is over I can comment on your blog again HAH! Doug Walker and Lewis Lovhaug were there this year it was a blast. You and team fourstar should go next year. It would be fun!

    Anyways I've really wanted to see this movie. Money's been tight and I'm happy to hear it was an enjoyable experience. I used to have to watch alot of kids movies and for a while there disney was trolling out crap I just didn't care about. It's good to see them on the rise again.

  3. lani, u need to do more yu yu abridged or outside the otaku

  4. i dont think 3d will ever get that bad either. but i will admit that when the screw driver flew towards the audience in The Final Destination, i did try to duck XD

  5. This is a little bit late of a response, but my concern about the main villain was that it shocked me that she would have kidnapped and raised a little girl for almost... what was it, 19? years of her life, without actually falling in love with her.
    You'd have to have, like, the blackest heart!

    That's Disney evil!

  6. For some reason, I kept expecting you to randomly spin around in your chair and be all like "wheee"