Friday, December 3, 2010

Updates and Manga Sale

Hey guys, Lani here! Currently working on YYHA20 (Sorry it's taking me so long really trying to make it better than 19 for ya :p) as well as a few TFS Behind the Scenes videos. Just typing this up as a bit of an update for you all.

So yeah, the Holidays are coming up and unfortunately I just recently lost my part time job at the movie theater ^^;
So in a rush to try to get some money go buy presents for my family I'm selling off my Collection of Berserk Manga to anyone who wants them. I'm auctioning em off in sets of 5 although I am missing Vol 18 so that set is a little cheaper. Check out the sets below:

Vol 1-5

Vol 6-10

V0l 11-15

Vol 16-20 (missing 18)

Vol 21-25

Anyone who buys them shoot me an email and I'd be glad to autograph em for you though I don't really know why you'd want me messing up Kentaro Miura's artwork :p

Hope everybody out there is having a good Holiday season and I hope these Manga will make a collector happy ^^v

Peace Everybody!


Donate? :D


  1. Oh,man! I just had enough money to buy these last week! If I get that much again,I'll buy a set,Lani!

  2. If I had the money I would but I'm pretty damn broke this month to. My financial aid ran out so I'm pretty dry this month.

  3. Sorry about your job bro. Hope you get a new one soon. I love your vids as always so keep up the good work. Happy Holidays.

  4. Where can I find your email?