Monday, December 20, 2010

MoV-Log Monday 12/20/2010

Tron Legacy

Black Swan

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  1. From my point I have to say I really enjoyed Tron Legacy. I have seen the first movie. Hell it came out a year before I was born. I had Disney channel back then so I saw it a few times. I'm not a huge fan of it though. It's mostly nostalgia. Coming from that angle the Tron Legacy movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot. There is a lot of nods to the original film you will see and I loved that about it. It knew how to homage the original.

    Jeff Bridges was great but I do agree the CG rendering for clue wasn't very good.

    I still say people should see it. If anything because it is so different. It's a movie That is so different than most movies out there visually and scope wise that its worth it to get that experience outside of the usual bland real life visuals.

    There is totally going to be another one. This was very open ended.

  2. Hey Lani. I know a guy who foolishly Took his new girl on their FIRST DATE to see black swan. he had already seen it and underestimated the discomfort until the movie had started. I laughed at him and told him to watch your reviews from now on to be safe, lol.


  3. Hey, lani. I recently saw Tron: Legacy with a bunch of my friends, and I told them all going in, "This movie is going to be BAD. We're pretty much just going to see the CGI."

    One of the friends had, like me, seen the original Tron. We both understood how amazing the original Tron was to some people, and we knew that this one wouldn't live up to those people's expectations of a sequel.

    HOWEVER, Tron Legacy managed to hit a bunch of the spots to reference back to the original, and made effective use of cliches. For example, the "big revelation" of the movie didn't have that much attention paid to it because most of the audience had already figured it out.

    The two best finer points of the movie were the action sequences and the comedy. Since we all know about the action, I'll make a couple references to some of the more brilliant comedic parts. For example, everyone who didn't at least smile when Daft Punk saw the fighting and changed to Battle Techno inside the club deserves to be party-boy'd to death. Another two being the "You're REALLY messin' with my zen thing, man." line and the "... I have a dog." scene.