Monday, December 13, 2010

MoV-Log Monday 12/13/2010

Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader


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  1. What? But I liked the film in 3D! Although I agree that Edmund's change in personality was rather sudden. My main issue with the film is that the villain (if you can call it that) seemed poorly thought out.

  2. Looking forward to seeing it soon, not worried about spoilers, as I've read the books before, so I know what to expect.

    If your looking for adventure on the high seas, make sure you watch Master and Commander, not as action based, more drama, but great film with some decent sea battles.

    Also you could look up a British TV series called Hornblower, starring Ioan Gruffudd (aka Mr Fantastic). Again, more drama based, but also good action sequences, set around the time of the french revolution.

  3. Not relevant to your post what so ever:

    Are you still dating someone? If not, I'll be happy to take that spot, you're so fucking adorable.

    :3 Have a good Holiday break. <3

  4. I don't know if you've read the book but I always read whatever one it's based on before I see the movie, because I haven't read them since I was much younger and doing that definitely paid off with the first two movies. Most people I know who have read all of the Narnia books say that Dawn Treader is their favorite (mine's Silver Chair the next one) but without a doubt Dawn Treader has the most difficult plot to turn into a movie. There is no antagonist and no really strong overarching plot line. They're just exploring and finding the 7 lords, there's nothing in there about them defeating evil. So I have to give a lot of credit to the movie for making it work and being a very successful adaptation although not as much as Prince Caspian because the movie was fantastic and the book was mostly about them being lost in the woods.

    This was probably my least favorite movie of the series so far but I did like it and thought it was good. I also cringed at that whole speech Aslan has at the end about being known by another name in our world, but to be fair that entire thing was a word for word quote from the book and you have to admire them for sticking to it in our very pc oriented world.

  5. My cat was sleeping on my bed while I was watching this, and when I looked over to see what he was doing, he was staring intently at your rat. Now that I'm posting this, he's not looking anymore.