Sunday, June 7, 2009

DNA Ep 9

A few friends from TeamDN asked me to cover for one of their members (DirtyDan) who could no longer continue working with them. As such I have taken over the parts he used to do. I know my interpretations of these characters may not be the best but I give it my all with whatever role I'm doing :)

That being said enjoy Epiosode 9

For those who enjoy the free entertainment I provide please feel free to donate what ever you wish so that I may continue to do so maybe even with a higher budget :)

All donations are greatly appreciated ^^v


  1. "He's just kidding! I like the boobies, I swear!"

    Hilarious xD I love this stuff, even though I've only ever seen one episode of DN.

  2. wow one funny part in the whole thing and that goes to lani lol.

    "Shut the hell up thats never been funny"