Saturday, June 20, 2009

Offspring WOOOOO

Just got back from an Offspring concert tonight, good stuff heh. Caught the show with my girlfriend and a friend from work. Got ourselves some floor passes so getting there early enough we made it in just about right in front of the stage.

There were two opening acts Time Again, who's stuff I haven't really heard and ... well they did alright I actually felt kind of bad for the guys, I don't think anyone in the crowd knew who the hell they were nobody was really pumped there was a mild mosh but that was about it. I felt even worse for them when later on in the show when Offspring had taken stage my girlfriend, friend and I were off to the side (more on how we go there later) and the members of Time Again were just standing there like the sad kid who showed up to prom without a date.

The second opening act was Dropkick Murphey's they had an intense set most of which I knew, Flannigan's Ball, Johnny I hardly knew ya, and I'm Shipping up to Boston (many would recognize from the movie The Departed). It was durring this act the crowd started to get riled moshes were a lil more heavy and it was getting a little tougher to keep breathing room for me and my lady.

Wasn't until Offspring hit the stage though that my girlfriend and I knew we had to get out of that crowd. Pushing got a little to much and she could barely stay on her feet I was having trouble as well we moved our way back but ended up in a rather violent mosh. We got a little sepperated and as I fought to get back to her I think I broke some guys ribs... if you are reading this dude... it wasn't me >.>

Ended up helping her into a crowd surf and meeting up with here on the side. The show kicked ass never had more fun getting elbowed in the eye and punched in the face. Offsprings set kicked ass they must have been on stage for about an hour and a half hitting everything from their greatest hits (Come out and play, Pretty Fly For a White Guy, Why Don't You Get a Job , Self Eseteem) and alot from their newest album Rise and Fall Rage and Grace (You're Gonna Go Far Kid, Hammerhead, Alot Like Me, Kristy Are You Doing Ok) The last of which was a very pleasant surprise as it was the first song Erika and I had danced to (I know I'm a sentamentalist and a romantic deal with it >.>).

Afterward we all went down the street to Mickey's Diner and got some much needed food and drink. What a night ^^ now to record and edit more of my next Outside The Otaku video ^^v

(here's a hint Man with a gun in his arm, frequently meets up with a girl with blue hair, tends to be the guy that saves the day at the end of every episode)

For those who enjoy the free entertainment I provide please feel free to donate what ever you wish so that I may continue to do so maybe even with a higher budget :)

All donations are greatly appreciated ^^v


  1. Sounds like you had a hell of a night. Enjoy the rest of your break dude can't wait to see more of Yu Yu Hakusho and DBZA later on in the year. By the way perfect timing with GhostNappa you guys time it right when the new Ghostbusters game came out. Now ever time the commercial comes on for the game I sing GhostNappa instead.

  2. Lani u rule and im goin to the next offspring concert here in Ohio i won the tickets over the radio in a singing contest.

    and next year im takin my senior trip to minnisota to visit some family up there i was thinkin maybye if u dont mind i can come say high and do a live enterview not a recorded one over the internet but i dont care i u dont want to i wont mind.

    btw im corymike1990 i am one of ur fans off of myspace, youtube, and soon to be skype.

  3. I really hate those kinds of fans. They're the worst kind XD
    That's ALMOST everyone from the looks of it.
    Can't we just have a nice sane concert for once where people DON'T have to get hurt? Lmao

    no respect

    Anyways, I'm glad you had fun :D I love Offspring!
    Pretty fly is my favorite song

  4. I'm glad you guys had fun! :D

    And the review you're talking about... Would it happen to be Final Fantasy Unlimited? If it isn't, well now I feel dumb. >.>

  5. Sorry to say this, but I'm not much of a music fan... >.> So sue me.

    The review... Must be Trigun O_O Awesome show <3

  6. The hint you gave was obvisous to me the moment I read it but that may be because Manga Entertainment re-released the movie over here a while ago. I'll just say that the main character shares his name with a certain commander from an 80's American cartoon... I can't wait to see the review though, the movie made it seem like the show was worth watching!

  7. bahahaha, donate? get a better job punk

    *sigh* I shouldnt be mean...
    no i cant rlly think of anything nice to say...

  8. dude youre awesome! and im going to see the Offspring soon in NY theyre my favorite band! just fuckin amazing! anywho great job on YYHA and DBZA they are both awesome and make me laugh no matter how many times i see them! Keep it up!

  9. Holy shit you like Offspring!!
    Dude they're my favorite band ever!! And dropkick's my second.
    I drove 6 hours to see them on June 30 with DKM, I was amazed to get both bands on one ticket!
    and I have a pic where Noodles posed for ME! He's lookin right at the camera too
    I was in the very front row. So amazing!!