Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Blog

So this is it. My own little private page to post all my most private thoughts and share them with the world. Well ok mainly it'll just be random blogs about movies and games and what ever else I may be doing. Hell probably a few updates about what I'm working on for those who watch closely enough.

I'll be embedding all the little vlogs and anything I do on blip or Youtube here so anyone who doesn't want to have to check those sites you know where to go to get into the mind of Lanipator.

For those who enjoy the free entertainment I provide please feel free to donate what ever you wish so that I may continue to do so maybe even with a higher budget :)

All donations are greatly appreciated ^^v


  1. Looking forward to upcoming updates & videos! ^^

    I'd donate if I could, but right now I'm broke D:
    It's pretty sad xD lol

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