Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Movies

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  1. My personal favorite is the 2000 movie The Life And Adventures of Santa Claus.

    NBC :D But yes it dose. It's a great movie. As far as the Hot Topic following, it's because it's gothic and Tim Burton is a gothic icon. Don't knock the goths, there's some good points to goth. Techincally The Hunchback Of Notre Dame is a gothic icon or at least the ending is. The ending of the original story is the most beautiful gothic things I have ever heard in my life. Find it, at least read the ending because it's a hard read. And it would help if parents didn't think it was a scary movie I look at them like, dude, it's a childrens disney classic, how scary do you really think it is? Yes it's has skeletons and witches and all that but so did Donald Duck's Halloween.

    Scrooged is the best take on Christmas Carol ever, it's not too over handed where it's a clear cut direct version of the original piece like everyone else has.

  2. White Cristmas is a amazing film, I'm so glad you added that in. Every time I talk about it to my friends they don't even know what I'm talking about.

    and Nightmare Before Chirstmas is also one of my favs, it use to be tradition in my family to watch it on halloween and Chirstmas, this was before it got populare and you started to see it every where.

    and lol Mystery Science Theather 3000: SCCTM havn't see that one in a really long time.

  3. Personal Favorite:
    Power Puff Girls Flight Before Christmas
    Why?Idk, I just love the movie.

  4. I enjoy A Christmas Story because my grandfather grew up in that part of Indiana and at that time frame so its like looking at is youth with my eyes.

    As for a t.v. show I place the South Park episode were Santa goes to Iraq to deliver Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Lani
    P.S. the songs were really good but stop screwing around and start season 2. :)


  5. OHMAHGAWD I'M IN THE SAME STATE AS LANIPATOR!!!!! (Had to get that out of my system :P)

    Anyways, I'm actually Muslim, but I still love the spirirt of Christmas and what it offers (mainly the TV specials).

    I actually haven't seen White Christmas or National Lampoon, but I totally love all your choices. Although I find How The Grinch Stole Christmas better than Rudolf, but all other choices were awesome. Plus, your impressions were spot-on!

    Although since we're including TV specials, I'm gonna have to offer up Ed, Edd, and Eddy's 'Jingle Jingle Jangle,' Foster's Home For Imaginary Friend's 'The Lost Clause,' and The PowerPuff Girls' 'The Fight Before Christmas.' What can I say? I'm a CN fan till death :)

    (Best Christmas parady :

  6. I may be the only person who will say this, but I HATE The Nightmare Before Christmas. I hate Tim Burton and I hate every movie he's made after Batman Forever.

  7. Actually the guy who wrote A Christmas Story, I believe wrote The Wonder Years! I guess which is why it's so close to that.

    Great list Lani! I agree so much with it! Though for me A Christmas Story would be number one.

    And awesome shout out to MST3K...That is a great parody...And thanks to you, I have to watch it tonight!!

  8. Burton didn't make Batman Forever he made Batman and Batman Returns

  9. Dude, I live in Florida, thats groovy, groovier that you know of MST3k most people I come across unfortunately never heard of it.

  10. Yay! National Lampoon's Christmas vacation.
    Besides The Nightmare Before Christmas, that is my favorite Christmas movie because it reminds me so much of my family on Christmas. XD

    Also, a Christmas Story is a tradition to watch at my christmas just because of the 24 hour marathon. XD

  11. Not a lot of people consider this a christmas movie, but my favorite is Die Hard

  12. all great movies but what about miracle on 34th street

  13. yea what about miracle on 34th street, or Die Hard