Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the meanwhile

Anyone who still wants to get their fix of TFS DBZ Abridged many of our awesome fans have already reuploaded our episodes this guy in particular uploaded all of them and made a play list of all of them just for this event. Thanks CobraCommanderNLD

Play List

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  1. The good thing is aleast the first season was done I would have gone ape$%#@ if this had happend when the last three were putting uploaded.


  2. i wish there was some way to get youtube from doing stupid things like that. It really annoys me that they would do something like that, but at least someone backed up the videos.

  3. see? this is why im part of COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. you know it's somewhat ironic how all the abridgers was going to take a break this summer but then YouTube and now Toei Animation decide to have a summer blowout by suspending TeamFourStar's account and making the abridgers have to work on their break no less. Heh, if it were me i would try a different approach on this instead of going straight back to YouTube. I would more than likely go straight to Dailymotion to continue the series since their rule on copyright infringement are a Helluva lot less strict than YouBoob but its about 7 or 8+ members of TeamFourStar and it's only one of me so it's all there words against mine. So whatever happens im behind each and everyone of you 110%.

  5. Thank you for mentioning me Lanipator ;)

    I am just a crazy Dragon Ball Z Abridged fan ;)
    I will make sure that you guys will stay alive.

    Yours sincerely,



    COBRA will take over Youtube next year.

  6. Nah nah. I would say uploading your DBZ Abridged series on, because I uploaded a video on dailymotion and they took it off (on the same day I uploaded it)since it was copyrighted (it was a fan-fiction edit video)and wanted me to e-mail them cause they want prove that I have access to that anime. On megavideo, you can kinda upload ANY video there, and they wont remove your video even if it's "copyright infringement". So I think that's where you should upload them for now on. That's what Semisoma1 did when he got suspended for copyright infringement on youtube. You can just make videos on youtube of the links of your videos that's on megaupload. But, it's your choice. I would love to see TeamFourStar to come back on youtube, cause I believe that's their home. (I type a lot LOL!) ^_^

  7. heya, I know there are crazy copyright laws, but if you guys ever work something out with the powers that be (toei,funmation,etc) i'd gladly buy a cd of the first season and every other season you guys end up making, just throwin it out there so you know there are peeps who would love to own a copy throw proper channels and pay whoever is supposed to be paid.

  8. ,,I am...your brother"...=)) epic
    YouTube will regret this =))