Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Four Star

Hell of a night.

Well for the most part yesterday was a good day for me but then I get on my computer late last night and receive a most intriguing message from LittleKuriboh:

[12:58:49 AM] LK says: Hey
[12:59:04 AM] LK says: I'm guessing you're being bombarded with questions regarding the suspension?
[12:59:22 AM] Lando says: which one? (is currently oblivious >.>)
[12:59:29 AM] LK says: TFS' YouTube account... suspended
[12:59:38 AM] LK says: I only just saw
[12:59:54 AM] Lando says: that's no good
[12:59:57 AM] LK says: Indeed

Really I didn't even know what else to say. The account had only one strike against it and the matter of that fact seemed to be resolved completely with Funimation. So much so to the extent that from reliable soruces we have heard that many people over there actually enjoyed our free little non profit parody. Chris Sabat even promoted us.

Go to 6:08

I haven't been able to get ahold of Kaiser at the moment he would be the one to ask exactly who pulled this on us as it is his Email that was tied to the TeamFourStar account. So at the moment we can only speculate.

Really the real issue here is the guys running Youtube and I guess by extent Google are a bunch of cowards. I mean it makes sense, when you are a multibillion dollar corporation anyone and their mother is going to want a peice of that money one way or another through a lawsuit or something, but that doesn't mean they just have to roll over and get butt-F*cked over every demand a company makes. I still remember all that shit with viacom it was rediculous. What I'm saying is Youtube should give atleast a little big of warning to an account before ripping it down completely hell even give the owner of the account in question a chance to contact the company making the claim.

Though not much can be done right now, I will try to keep you guys updated.


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  1. Hey Lani.. post the episodes of DBZA, on megavideo or videolog... xD

  2. Dude, i support you
    a good idea would be to update the podcast called "abridged" on itunes and get everyone to subscribe to it then we could watch DBZ TAS from there, i guess

  3. I saw a video with the TeamFourStar logo in my subscriptions, so I thought that I'd save it for a time when I had popcorn/other food to watch it with. Then, I read the blog... I think it would be better if Youtube made everyone else unable to see the video rather than tearing it down, so that there would be a way to kept the videos if it was later proven that one is allowed to do the series (You know, like the setting that only lets a few people see the video?).


    More/better Chris Sabbat support videos (especially the first url)

  5. Christopher Sabat supports DBZA... Then its canceled... Irony much?

    Never read such harsh language from you, Lanipator. But then again this is madness.DBZA rocks and Toei goes and crashes the fun.

    Maybe if it wasn't for Christopher Sabat they wouldn't know... Hey I'm not blaming people.

    But nether the less DBZA is a awsome series! I see DBZA as DBZ with a higher sense of maturity level and great comedy which these multi-billion companies don't seem to like -.- ...

    Shenron: What is your wish?


    Shenron: Your wish will be granted... Just not now.