Monday, August 3, 2009

Top 15 Syndicated Anime

Because 10 was only enough for a video

This is a list of my personal top 15 Syndicated Anime meaning they were viewable on TV on Network Television.


PokemonEasily the first Anime I ever watched on a regular basis. Pokemon was a great adventure story about a boy who strikes out to make the world his bitch. It is a world where humanity capture animals from the wild place them in cramped spaces and make them fight for their amusement and to prove their superiority to each other... I believe Micheal Vick was put away for a few years for something like that.


One Piece

From what I'm told this is the best Shonen anime out today unfortunately the only exposure I had to it was 4kids' desecration of what still looked to be a great series. I still watched it even with the horrible dub and edits and did in fact enjoy it. Were it not for 4kids I'm sure this would be much higher on the list and I may still be watching it today. Unfortunately that is not the case, one of these days I will start watching it again though, once time permits.


Death Note
What's that? An anime starring a psycho with a book that can kill people?... and it's intelligently written?... With plot twists I wont see coming a mile away? Looks good to me. The only thing that keeps this show from breaking past the 13 spot on my list is the fact that well... I just plain got bored of it. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but my god sometimes it just felt like I was grinding through the episodes just to see how things turned out. Nothing was really making me watch it other than sheer curiosity of the plot. Also if he really didn't want to be caught he may have wanted to make use of that rule in the book that says he can dictate how a person dies i.e. if the guy is in prison "Dude dies at 3:30 via Shank" or just to confuse the shit out of people "Blah blah blah dies by solidified frozen waste dropped from airplane at 5:25" If I had that friggen book I would never be caught..... perhapse that's for the better.



I'll admit it like most Toonami's ad campaign sucked me in I was pretty god damn Narutarded when it first started showing on Cartoon Network even watching that entire friggen 100 Episodes of Naruto Marathon thing they had. It is a good show I can't say it isn't but my god the pacing just killed it. You could have some pretty action packed episodes sometimes but then there are those GOD DAMN FLASHBACKS. Don't even get me started on the 80 or so episodes of filler, I swear watching this show try to catch up to the manga at this point is like watching a snail crawl after a jet.


Fooly Cooly

Easily the most bizzar show on my list but that's why I love it. The first time I watched it I didn't know what to think I enjoyed the hell out of it but was compeletly and utterly confused at the same time. The second time through though I noticed the hidden themes that had elluded me the first time. It was all about the boys journey into becoming a strong willed man (PUBERTY). He struggles to learn who he really is and what compells him to do things the way he does and why he has this black hole in his head. In the end he succeeds where the Eyebrow guy fails and grows into a strong independant man WHO CAN PULL A HUGE DOUBLE NECKED MEGA GUITAR FROM HIS SKULL AND KICK THE SHIT OUT OF GIANT WTF ALIEN THINGS. Yeah it's pretty much the japanese version of The Wonder Years.

Top 10 to be posted soon

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  1. HEY LANI, big fan,
    just to get that out of the way, love your stuff DEFINATLEY diggin these reviews

    just thought id type in to say, in case you didnt know already, that funimation HAS redubbed one-piece and theyre already pretty far into the series with the DVD releases (uncut and pretty much redubbed with the DBZ voicecast), if you wanna jump back on the bandwagon with that, its all in the clear now

    keep up the good work and lookin forward to more videos!

    1. You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!! Anime Discord

  2. I have to say, I completely agree with your list especially Cowboy Bebop I actually bought the collection and if you knew me... well I'm very picky about what anime I decide to buy being a poor college student and all, but most college students are poor.

    Anyway the list was quite spot-on for what I would have come up with and it brought back some good memories of when Toonami and Adult Swim were great, now Toonami is gone and Adult Swim is down right sad with the very few decent anime and terrible cartoons they try to pass as comedy.

    So thanks for the smile you put on my face when seeing some clips from the anime I love to watch and keep up the great work, I cannot wait for more.

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  4. sup lani hey quick question about the list in the vid you said you wanted GT to burn in the fires of hell well being the loyal follower i am i bought about 20 copies and torched em but i need to know what about dragon ball kai the one where there trying to remake dragon ball z and it looks hella different do you want me to torch those to

  5. Hey Lani, First off let me say I LOVE your abridged series and TFS, seen it about as many times as you've seen the actual anime XDDD. Anyway, I totally agree with you on the list. I would suggest checking out the anime BlackCat, it's really short (about 20 or so episodes) But I think it's really good. ^^ peace man.

  6. no bleach sad face

  7. I stopped watching Naruto after like episodes ~150 because it turned out everything after ~133 is filler until they did shippuuden so I just skipped to that. I watched them on my computer so I didn't suffer through most of the poor pacing cause I could just watch the next episode right away. But now that I'm all caught up I can't stand it so I just read the manga.

    At least with the anime they didn't break up the action scenes too much with filler/crap so you could watch scenes like hokage vs orochimaru in a single episode and without having to fast forward too much. :D

  8. I like the choices, but I can't believe FLCL isn't in the top 10. I agree, it doesn;t make any god damned sense the first time you watch, but I liked it as well. After a couple views, it all sunk in, and I was impressed in how much story they crammed into 6 episodes. The pacing is ridiculous, with a soundtrack that makes the action the more epic (Pillows ftw). The only real complaint I have with the show is that the dvd's only come in episodes of 2 for $50 apiece.

    Naturo I didn't watch until the 100 episode marathon. The flashbacks killed it for me as well. They had almost as much flashback in 100 episodes as DBZ had in 280-some.

  9. Just one major disagreement, and thats with number thirteen, DeathNote. It is not intellegently written... at all. Its all about depthless, uninteresting archetypes who are bashed into the same mold. Everything is overdramatic and idiotic. There is only one interesting character in the whole thing and that is Rem, and she isn't in it nearly enough to redeem this horrible pretentious series. If you want real intellegent Anime from the 2007 season, you should check out Seirei no Moribito, or Darker than Black, as they actually have interesting characters

  10. The thing about changing Light's killing methods... he meant the mass murders to act as a deterrent, which wouldn't really work out if the deaths were completely random.

  11. totaly agree with you man and my god i dont know how to not make this sound creepy and stalker like but.....i love all of your work and for some reason i care about your opion which i have never done about someone on youtube and the way you think and the way i think is kinda alike and i think you should read the manga for One Piece righht now some really good shit is going on in it and you might like all in all i give a thumbs up and say keep up the work dude!!! yeah!!! *generic anime thumbs up pose*

  12. i love your list Lani... but i was upset when i didn't see Wolf's Rain or GITS on the list.

  13. lani i can agree with you except for 1, naruto. america screwed this one up so bad its unbeliveable. they even dicided to make about 200 filler episodes and they blew past naruto shippudon when naruto left the village after the sand and song village attack(watever episode that was). i personaly belive that eaither bleach or inuyasha would fit better in the #12 spot in your list.

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  16. Your blog post mentioned that you've been having trouble finding One Piece anime off of television. Here's a link that will change that:

    It's subbed instead of dubbed (I like subbed better, even though the talent pool for dubs is really growing), which might be a turn off, but the site is great, and there are even movies. The most recent movie (which you can watch on the site), Strong World, has incredible animation.

    Have a good evening!

  17. The Funimation dub of One Piece is waaaaaaaay better than the 4kids dub. The voice acting is sooo much better and the uncut version is much better. I liked Death Note until episode 25, in which they killed my favorite character :(