Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nice Support

Gotta love the fans heh.

I knew that the suspension of TeamFourStar was going to cause some commotion but then I noticed this video by Piratekid1111

At first I found it hard to believe but then I searched it myself and I believe I made it to around page 13 before the stream of "Bring Back TFS" videos was interrupted by another.

Thanks for all of your support guys we love you :)

Link to Download said "Bring Back TFS" Video

Special thanks to WeeklyTubeShow whom I believe to be the originator of this video. Correct me if I am wrong :)


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  1. Look at all of those videos.
    Oh well. All of those users will soon be banned since some of those videos have already been removed and the users banned.

    I would say they are being banned because users are posting the same video over and over again.
    Since it says in the Youtube Terms of Service that they will banned anyone who looks like that they are someone who has been banned before.

    If you have lots of people uploading the same video then normally the staff may just think that the accounts are just bot accounts and need to be removed at once.

    Oh well.

  2. Ok, honestly? All you negative people are just making things worse.

    Wouldn't it be strange to the youtube staff that these "bot" accounts are also uploading other home-made videos. There'd be a huge shit-storm if suddenly thousands of accounts were banned for something that stupid.

    On another note, Toei's "contact us" link no longer works! Hah! Go figure. It directs you straight to their Japanese home-page where (unless you have the language pack installed for your browser) you get "unknown character" boxes for text.

    I think we're getting their attention at this point.


    link to a facebook group to bring it back


    this is an English link to toei granted its the Europe site but hey at least you can read it. Also the comments cannot be more that 500 character so thought wanting to contact toei this way just make it short sweet and to the point

  5. Wow, this is sad. I was really looking forward to more DBZ Abridged. Would you be able to continue it somewhere else? I think that you guys have been great, & I would love to see more.

  6. Luckily I drew my Vegeta picture...and voiced it.

    Therefore it wouldn't be in suspicion as a bot account...however...if they thoroughly look at that account, I stated I was banned...fffff

  7. I do believe it was who created the original video, and asked people to upload it. Though WeeklyTubeShow uploading it also inspired a huge number of people to do so also.

    Good luck, and I do hope that this can be sorted out.

    Also, I'll be happy to donate some money to your paypal to keep the quality entertainment coming =)

  8. I joined te cause...

    {From Brasil} Bring Back TFS


  9. Chromegloss would be correct. IN fact once this is all done I think you should check out his new Dragonball parody series. Its good and he (along with his co-writter) are some undiscovered talent.

  10. I got to 16 pages before an unrelated one came up.

  11. That is indeed OVER 9000!!! Videos! IDC if they ban our accounts. They will get the message and finally bring you back. Faster and more we upload the faster they bring TFS back.

    On the subject of you being banned... Why TFS of all accounts? Why is SSJGozar not banned for his parody (Hoped I didn't jinx him O_O )???

    I feel like Toei just goes to a random parody/abridged and gets rid of it! This is a outrage! Toei needs to get over it! WOW!! They changed the show a little bit with diffrent voices!!! and these little changes gives more popularity to DBZ and even other stuff (Like songs and movie quotes). Why would Toei dispose of what is making them more popular?

    If Toei keeps pestering you go to a diffrent site (Not going to state where, It's up you if you even want to go a diffrent site or even read this comment)

  12. Hey thanks for putting me on your blog Lanipator it's piratekid1111