Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well it would appear our culprit has been found. Toei animation.

I just got off the phone with Kaiser he checked his Email and as I had suspected Toei was the one behind this.

I really wish the Japanese companies would see that we are in fact doing them no harm or disservice by making parodies. As it was when TV Tokyo was pulling everything with any shred of Naruto in it. People do not watch a parody or a music video to replace the actual show its self they watch those for the love of the show and because people put alot of hard work and effort into making them. Parodies are protected under the fair use copy right laws. I do find it amusing that our humble little parody got pulled while full episodes of Dragon Ball Z still sit on Youtube without being touched.

I understand where they are coming from I'm sure they don't even look at what they decide to pull a claim on (or if they did they are pretty ass retarded). They just see something with a property they own getting millions of views and not a dime is going to them... well not a tangible dime anyway.

What they fail to understand (and what funimation seems to understand) is that our parodies actually are a form of advertisement a free advertisement that make people interested to see the actual property itself even buy it. I'm not going to be pompous and say "WE WERE DOING THEM A FAVOR" because really they are capable of advertising for them selves and we made these parodies with out any sort of intention we made them to entertain and have fun our selves. We most definitely aren't going to stop making them.

Well that's about all I know so far. We will try to get in contact with Toei and see where that leads as well as update you on the state of DBZA itself as to what we are going to do with it and where we are posting it.



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  1. Yo! WeeklyTubeShow here!

    Sorry about the channel being suspended. I privatized all of my videos as a precaution to getting mine closed down as well. Well, hope everything turns out okay!

    P.S. I forgive ya'll for snubbing me on that cameo. ;)

  2. aw dammit, not toei...
    its very odd how things are flagged and pulled on youtube, its all so very random

  3. Yeah, I've been watching Dragonball Kai on YouTube every Sunday, and TFS ges taken down? Wtf.

  4. Sorry about what happened to DBZA, good luck to all of you getting it sorted out.

  5. I always thought TFS to exempt from all that. Maybe because you are so highly regarded in the DBZ fan community. And by Funi too. I really hope they have something to say about this.
    Cause you are doing them a favor; you're bringing new people to an old series. How could that go unappreciated?

  6. Lani, allow me to agree with you that this blows. You guys were making an affectionate parody, not ripping the original to shreds. Toei will have hell to pay. Now to find an English-to-Japanese translator so I can vent my frustration.

  7. So...TOEI's okay with DragonBall Goes To Highschool (dear God, why??), but not the sheer genius that is DBZA? Nice. Reeeeeal nice.

    Sad commentary on the times, I guess. I think you guys rock the kasbah, and here's hoping you find a new place to rock it.

  8. this is what I've been telling everybody all along. If it's parody and non-profit, it's fair use basically under U.S. But internationally I'm not sure. Anyway, the whole "Stealing our intellectual property" thing is still written like you're printing illegal copies of books with your name as the author. You give credit, make no profit, and use your own voices. So yeah, it's like a 9 minute long commercial I think.

  9. Keep in mind guys, that all of the tfs videos are still available on that guy with the glasses. They're not going anywhere.

  10. Dude, that sucks, but... I thought once you guys were headed over to TGWTG, you'd start posting your videos on Blip like everyone else. And heck, you could go the LK route if you like...

    1. Go on another video site, like Blip or Viddler or Revver or something like that.

    2. Have it explode in your face like a wacky experiment.

    3. Have Youtube quietly take you back like a wrathful girlfriend who's come back to her senses.

    It may be a bit rocky, but hey, LK's got half the audience... in any case, good luck, Lani! I'll be jonesing like an addict until the next DBZA comes up!

  11. It's obvious that they removed your videos of DBZ Abridged but left actual episodes intact because your parody sucked.

    Sadly no offence but abridged series tend to loose what the original should be like, and me and many others thought they were full of fail.

    It's like taking something from the actual show and making a bad joke out of it, anime should be left as anime and nothing more... Toei were wise to remove the abridged content only since it was a disgrase to the Dragonball fanbase.

    The most likely left full episodes intact because they like to let people see how the series actually is... hopefully all abridged series will dissapear from the world someday.

    1. what a butthurt fucking faggot you are.

  12. No kidding about TV Tokyo. They removed this news video I put up simply because the reporters talked about Naruto:

    But as you can see, it's up & running now. I wrote to YouTube after they took it down & filed a report. It took a few days, but it was eventually put back up. Maybe you guys can do the same. Good luck to ya!

  13. :) Donated five bucks. S'all I can right now, but me and my girlfriend and our entire WoW guild quote you guys all the time. It's worth paying a bit to help out such good role models. *grins*

  14. You do not really have much right to moan.
    Toei is the company which owns the copyright to DBZ in Japan and so of course they are fully allowed to remove your videos if they so wish.

    Also since they was not making any money off your spin off, that is also not fair to the company because they lose sales of their product.

    The logic of how your videos do not harm and how it really makes people want to go out and buy the show if they wish is rubbish logic.

    It is the same kind of logic which people say when their accounts get banned for copyright by a company.

    People said the same thing when Viacom removed videos and Viacom still keeps on removing videos because they know that if people watch something which is their show but not on TV, then they are not making money.

    The same goes for not watching it on DVD...etc.
    Companies need money to grow and expand.
    It was only a matter of time until your account did get banned.

    If you create a new one on any website, then I am sure that the same thing will happen.

    Copyright is not a joke and people need to stop moaning whenever a company comes along and files a copyright notice to them.

    Copyright is there to stop people from stealing their hard work and money.
    When you create a parody, you are using images from the show and you did not create said show.

    That is stealing their hard work on their product.
    Just because parodies are fine and ok over in the U.S.A does not mean that they are fine in other places in the world.

  15. Guilty until proven innocent...

    YouTube has counter-suits in place. Are you going to use that? Start a new account? Or just ditch YouTube and move to Blip using TGWTG as a portal for the videos? What are you planing?

  16. is the itunes podcast tooken down also

  17. Man...that just sucks Lani. Because of DBZA I went to you to see what you did and it was YYHA and I became a subscriber to both and Megami and Gozar when it he was mentioned in the FAQ. I love DBZA and extending it even further Gozar's ARDBZ. I really don't like the fact that youtube has to be the Toei and Tokyo Tv's dog. It's not right. I kinda got made when it happened with Naruto and Fioriparty's flashes got deleted. I got mad when Youtube wouldn't let me post videos with Linkin Park in them, FYI favorite band. It's kinda getting annoying now. It makes me think, is youtube getting to where it is worth it. Oh and I know my brother is going to be pissed once he finds out youtube did this. He loves Abridged Nappa. Taka did a good job with him. Money shouldn't make the f***ing world go round. It's f***ing pathetic.

  18. @StarryNova: I do not know why you got mad for :|
    Those videos which you are talking about are copyrighted and all copyrighted vidoes are not allowed on youtube and can be removed and the user banned for uploading them.

    It says that in the Youtube copyright rules that you are only allowed to upload vidoes which you have made yourself/own.

    Did you make Linkin park? Are you a member of their band? No you are not.
    Uploading copyrighted videos is not allowed on nearly all videos websites.

    No wonder the poor companies out there have problems with not making enough money all the time.
    It is time for the goverment to at least be like China and take away the use of the internet for certain IP Addresses if they are found to be uploading copyrighted videos.

    If you want to upload to youtube then upload a nice blog :)

  19. Dude, that's retarded! I bet they didn't even look at what they are making a claim on. Whatever happened to fair use??? YouTube just caves to any company claiming anything.

  20. Ugh, that sucks. TFS was and is the best! Perhaps you guys should switch to another video site for a while, or start your own website with the parodies up for download, rather than risk your account getting noticed by big name companies for copyright infringement again? I don't know . . . but either way, I'm really glad to hear that you guys will keep on making the awesome vids that you do. :)

  21. Oh man, this is a shame. I already sent my feedback to Toei asking for the account to be brought back, and I hope everyone else does the same.

    DBZ Abridged actually rekindled my love of DBZ, and I went out and bought the movies and seasons because I forgot how much I loved it. I told Toei that, hopefully it will make an impact (if they even read it that is).

    TFS FTW!!!

  22. I personally think the Japanese companys do watch the things before... they just take stuff like it so damn seriously they can't stand the fact you're making fun of their work. >.>;

  23. Hope things will sort out eventually. I was so excited for your next Season I got so dang mad when I heard about the suspension. In meantime I will make you guys a tribute on Youtube :]

    - MissNooboo
    (Just so you know...)

  24. DragonBall Goes To Highschool has been removed as well. They are making a clean sweep of those who make parodies of DBZ. To the guy who said Adbridged series should be removed: You are a Moron, STFU and GTFO, I hope Toei has Youtube suspend your life.

  25. Hey Lani, I found this and I'm not sure if it would help you guys out or not, but: In August 2008, a U.S. court ruled that copyright holders cannot order the removal of an online file without first determining whether the posting reflected fair use of the material. The case involved Stephanie Lenz from Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, who had made a home video of her 13-month-old son dancing to Prince's song "Let's Go Crazy" and posted the 29-second video on YouTube.
    (I copied and pasted that from wikipedia)

  26. yeah Toei is the company which owns the copyright to DBZ in Japan.

    But remember that is in Japan Japan has no jurisdiction in the USA and youtube is an American based company. Said videos were uploaded in America (I assume anyway)so if the American laws say it's ok there is nothing a company going by Japanese laws can do about it.

    I'm not saying it ok by American law simply because I haven't done the research to be sure nor do I plan on doing so. Hell I not even sure who owns the license in the US At this very moment. I think it's still FUNimation. copyright laws are fickle thing especially when multiple countries are involved.

    That's why all those German pirate sites are never shut down by German law it's ok.

  27. Parodies and satires are protected under the Fair Use Act of 1974, as you mentioned. The good news is that if you keep making them and Toei Animation follows with a Cease and Desist, taking it to court is in your favour. Courts tend to look favourably upon parodies when it comes to the FU Act (GET IT???). If you need any help in this, contact me at It's also my AIM name. :)

  28. I was wondering what happened. So FUNimation is reasonable when a Japanese company is cease and desist happy? Has the world gone topsy turvy?

    I thought the Japanese were even more lax about properties given doujinshi and all.

  29. In regards to post 14;
    That is complete bull, they have EVERY right to comlain, if they pull TFS then they should pull every last DBZ AMV on the net just because it has a reference to it. The disclaimer at the beginning of each episode clearly states that TFS do not own it, Toei, Funi and always for get the 3rd do, and with that disclaimer it should mean that it comes under terms of fair useage since you aren't claiming it as your own. A poor comparison I know, but do you see Toei shutting down all the anime sites just because seemingly every one has Goku and Vegeta on it? No, so why should TFS be any different and be pulled? LOVG LIVE TFS AND DBZA!

  30. Sir you are most correct when you say the abridged parodys are like free advertisments.

    I for one got into Naruto because of the abridged series and dont get me started on how much I've spent on the yugioh TCG because of LK's show alone.

  31. You can fight this, Sir Lanipator. Don't let them bend you to your knees and force you to kowtow. It seems illogical that Toei would do this though, since Japan outright encourages derivative works (like Doujinshis) and even lets people profit off of them.

  32. I hear ya, man. ShoPro took off my first abridged episode, but that kinda helped (a little) since I needed to do some editing on it. I've looked at the copyright law a little, and though, yes, the law may be being broken, they shouldn't really care.
    I mean in order to be able to watch the episodes of the show, you need to buy the DVDs. To get good quality on the abridged series, you need to buy the DVDs.
    It makes no sense for them to be pissed.

    Keep up the good work Lani, and let's hope Toei stays off your backs long enough for you guys to make some more kickass videos.

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