Monday, August 3, 2009

Top 10 Syndicated Anime

For the full 15 read the post below ^^v

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  1. I agree with your list expect for one "case claosed" I would replace that with GunGrave or deathnote or wolf's rain

    my list
    4-Outlaw star
    7-Gundam Wing
    8-8th MS team
    9-Death Note
    10-Code Geass

    1. I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites. Thank You. Anime Forums

  2. Case Closed was my first anime... when i was around eight or nine, my parents never should have let me have a tv. But anyways, i saw you at the theater and freaked out, i didn't say anything... but damn

  3. about dam time someone gives the 8th it's props

    I didn't see bebop coming as first til yu yu hakusho was third

  4. cowboy bebop is a pretty good show i really hope they don't mess it up with the live action movie

  5. There's a rat on your shoulder, you know.

  6. umm...stupid question...whats damsexmakina?

    1. Deus Ex Machina. It's Latin for "god out of the machine" and comes from a technique in ancient Greek theatre where they'd use a crane to lower a person playing a god in at the end to fix everything. So the hero won because of divine intervention.

  7. I'm surprised Big O isn't on here!
    Unfortunately, I had the ending for Cowboy Bebop ruined, so I have a hard time watching it now.

  8. You know, the Fullmetal alchemist anime you watched, sucks. Mostly because it is a completely re-made story, There is however a knew one

    Fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood.

    That one will follow the manga much closer.
    Therefore it won't end with Ed turning into a Nazi or whatever kinda crap that was.

  9. Good review of anime that was on AS and Toon.
    But here is a suggestion list for a non AS Toon that you will probably make.

    5. D.N. Angel: even though it is a shojo any guy can enjoy it.

    4. Kyo Kara Maoh: what got me hooked on this was watching in college with friends and making jokes of the men in the show.

    3. Burst Angel: hot sexy girls with guns

    2. Saiyuki: I know you've seen it Lani so no need to say why this is good. (sadly won't watch Reload because of the dub change)

    1. Desert Punk: has the guts to take the place of Cowboy Bebop on my #1. For its humor, action, story, the main character. (Bought the DvD)

    So I hope I've manage to aleast give a new show to watch.


  10. I was thinking it was gonna be Cowboy Bebop as 2 and YYH as 1. As soon as I saw YYH at 3 I thought "when then what's 2?" good list. Outlaw Star is freaking awesome. I'mma go watch that right now. :3

    My (syndicated) list

    1. Cowboy Bebop (duh)
    2. Outlaw Star
    3. Fooly Cooly (Already seen it like 16 times through...still finding out new stuff)
    4. Rurouni Kenshin (The one that started it all for me) P.S. The third season Story Arc SUCKED. The manga's story line was waaaay better.
    5. DBZ

  11. Martin looks so cute! Hi Martin! Okay, why isn't YYH rated #1? that shocked me, but hey it's your opinion, if you don't mind I'll give you mine. Mind you, I didn't really watch Toonami and CN religiously like some people, so here's as many as I can name.

    5: G-gundam: I watched this through and liked the story but after it was done. I just couldn't watch it again. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get into it again after it ended.

    4: HunterxHunter: I've only recently started watching this on tv, and only because the creator also created YYH, but it's slowly ranking up in my book

    3: Gundam Wing: Quite honestly, this was my introduction to anime! and that's why I love it so. It's my alpha. wonderful characters, great story for me, I've watched almost as many times as you have watched YYH.

    2: DBZ: I started watching this show during the Future Trunks Saga, and from then on I was a DragonballZ fan.

    1: Of course, it's Yu yu Hakusho, like you said each of the characters is unique (not to mention sexy!) and I just get drawn in to every episode! For me, this show ranks #1 every time! I will never tire of this show!

  12. I'm all about that Outlaw Star. Rurouni Kenshin was one of the shows on Toonami I couldn't wait to see either. Though on the other hand, it was pretty slow in some parts with more than enough fillers to make me cringe...Actually I stopped watching it. (OVAs were more than excellent!)

    I really wish Cowboy Bebop was one of those animes that I could get into. Given the animation, characters, action, and story, I was pretty surprised that in the end, I just didn't care for it. Shinichiro Watanabe has made some brilliant movies and shows. Sadly, I didn't care for Cowboy Bebop.

    Fullmetal Alchemist...Wow, I probably watched that series over 5 times. Amazing series.

    Strangely enough, I never wanted to watch DBZ when I was younger cuz I thought it was solely for boys. Now I don't remember the Toonami line up exactly, but I can recall that Sailor Moon was on before or after DBZ. And since I never wanted to miss Sailor Moon I pretty much watched the shows that surrounded it out of curiosity. I was so pleased when I finally gave DBZ the chance. I became a major fan after just one episode of the Frieza saga.

    Anywho, excellent list of your top animes that came on American television. It saddens me just a little with the shows I grew up on compared to the youngn's today. Not too long ago I attended my first anime convention. And for shits n giggles I closet cosplayed as Melfina since I didn't wanna spend a lot of money. I saw this girl who went as Aisha and hardly anybody knew who we were. If you didn't go as an Inuyasha, or Bleach, Naruto, or an Death Note character then nobody knew who you were. Maybe it was just a shitty convention.

    Sorry, I digress. Anyways! See ya on your next post.

  13. I actually disagree with the previous poster who said Brotherhood has been a better retelling of the original story as it was supposed to be. While I'd agree that it's probably comparable to the story Bones brought out first as a basis off the original manga, I feel that they rushed through the first 13 episodes so quickly that anyone who hasn't actually seen FMA will not come close to caring about the characters like they did in the first series. It is essentially a fan-service, a close adaptation of the original comic for those who have already read the comic or seen the first show.

    8th MS Team is also the only Gundam show I've liked over time, and for all the reasons you stated Lani.

    And yeah. Anybody who doesn't think Bebop is among the best probably just hasn't seen it.

    all those anime got me in hook line and sinker watching others and falling in love with anime period i have seen bebop 3 time through my list would be
    1.Db/Dbz it was my 1st and i just love it and always will

    2.Cowboy Bebop-i love spike and faye and the story was captivating i want your true opioion lani do you think that they will do a good job with the live action version of bebop coming soon music my fave songs from bebop are blue,real folk blues,green bird,Tank

    3.yu yu hakusho brings back memorys every time i say spirit gun i just loved the fights for the series and come on yusuke kuwabara hiei and kurama thats the badass brigade

    4.Kenshin for every reason you said

    5.outlaw star one of my 1st did not catch the whole season tho what i caught of it i fell in love with(i perfer suzuka or melfina but ms clanclan was good)

    6.trigun The story of vash caught me in to it i was like how can he be dangerous then i watched the series and was like holy shit

    7.Digimon i much perfer season 1 2 3 and data squad
    8.gungrave seriously this was and epic anime(it was shown on anime unleashed when g4 had it)

    9.g gundam i agree with ms team but g gundam i loved it for the gundams and the story and the fights were awesome

    10:poke mon it was cool the 1st time i seen it and it harbored my 1st anime crush as well(im being serious it was misty and im embarrssed still*

  15. I like the list you put together. However, as a person who watches subs and reads manga, I can't honestly put Case Closed at 9. It should be 10, or just in top 15 instead of top 10. The creators of its anime changed it from the manga so much in its first episodes that I can't stand to watch it that much. However, it is also a good anime regardless of horrible changeovers from manga to show so it would be in my top 15, but not the top 10 necessarily. Other than that, the list was pretty good.


    Dude, you've got some seriously good taste in Anime! Mind you, Case Closed would have been my #1 with Cowboy Bebop as a close second, only because I've followed Case Closed into the Japanese version (Detective Conan) and watched all of the movies that are out... TWICE!! I'll admit, never seen Trigun or Outlaw Star, but I've heard good things about them. I'll also say, I think Dragon Ball was a first for MANY anime fans. That and Pokemon and Sailor Moon. But I watched those before I even knew what anime was. *shrugs* ANYWAYS, I should probably wrap this up before I ramble. I absolutely agree with you on everything you said about Cowboy Bebop and it is, with out a doubt, the best anime out there, but I still watch Case Closed more.

    1. Case Closed, hands down.

    The story of a young Detective, Jimmy Kudo, inspired by his favourite fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, that gets turned into a child by an evil syndicate who forced an experimental drug down his throat and left him for dead. Fearing his family and friends will be in danger, he takes on the alias Conan Edogawa and goes to live with his best friend Rachel Moore, simply because her father is also a detective and may find leads on the evil 'Men in Black' *cue the music*. Not only is this an anime that makes you have to think, but it makes you feel for the characters and is very well thought through. It makes you pay attention to every detail and shows you that it's not ALWAYS the Butler... Sometimes it's a young teenager or even a little boy. Although the animation at the beginning of the series appears to be quite old, the series is very well drawn and very well dubbed, despite the title and name changes.

    2. Cowboy Bebop

    The only reason this is my #2 is because I've watched Case Closed more then Bebop. I think Lani pretty much covered this one.

    3. FOOLY COOLY (Furi Curi)

    This is, by far, the most RANDOMEST ANIME I'VE EVER SEEN!! But it is made of pure awesomeness!! I love the music and all of the little nods to other anime, it's just freaking awesome!

    4. Axis Power: Hetalia

    Though it's not dubbed yet, this anime, despite being only 27-28 episodes that are only 6 minutes long, is amazingly funny. It's very stereotypical, but it's freaking awesome, even still.

    5. Lucky Star

    CHIBI. OTAKU. CHEERLEADERS. This anime has it all. It's basically about four friends who are in their last year of high school, talking about the different animes and video games they play or like. It also follows random adventures of road trips, feild trips, and different Japanese cultures.

    6. The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF THIS ANIME, THEN YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY LOOK UP SOME ANIME DANCES ON YOUTUBE!! GO!! DO IT NOW!! This anime has everything!! It's the ultimate in Moe and lolita, but still is action packed and full of MANY laugh out loud moments!! The music from this anime is ALSO very good, and I recommend it. If you watch this anime, be prepared to dance too.

    I'm going to stop at six, mostly because Lucky Star and Haruhi Suzumiya are actually tied for 5.

  17. do people actually send you money? just curious...

  18. Hey Lani, long time watcher, first time commentor. I thouroughly enjoyed your list, for the most part agreeing with your rankings. I was a little amiss when I found even your extended list was lacking Paranoia Agent, one of my personal favorite animes and one I know was on adult swim for multile runthroughs. When i saw FLCL I had some hope, but really I'm not too suprised.
    TL;DR, Did you like PA? Just kinda curious.

  19. I appreciate the list you did as you gave me more shows to go check. Case Closed and Outlaw Star are definately on my must watch list (newer to anime, didn't have cable or dish til I was much older). Still I got question why you knocked Naruto for pacing, but not DBZ. I've tried to go back and watch DBZ all the way through (having only seen a few episodes growing). Along the way I've skipped a few episodes here and there to speed up the process. Even when skipping those episodes I don't feel I've missed anything. I'm not saying it doesn't belong at number 2 because I do remember watching it growing up when the local channels would show it on Sunday mornings and thinking it was awesome. But I think you should be more consistent. Also, where is Voltron (loved that stuff as a kid before I knew what anime was).

  20. If you ever get a chance to watch the Sci-Fi channel (on Mondays, I think) check out Gurren Lagaan; it's pretty awesome. =3

  21. Once you said that they were only going to be shows that aired on american tv I knew Cowboy Bebop was going to be #1. Loved and agree with your list!

  22. I like it. I may have put Ghost in the Shell on here, probably over Lupin III, but I can't really complain about any part of this list.

  23. I sadly missed alot of these animes, since I was mostly busy fawning over Ultraman and the like. It's awesome to see O8th MS Team up on there. I do agree it's one of the better Gundam series. Sadly I've only seen three Cowboy BeBop episodes (by the time I heard of it, it was done running on US TV, and I kept missing reruns.) and have to admit..I too had an anime crush on Aisha.

  24. Honestly, for the most part, I agree with your list, however, I think Case Closed should have been a little higher up. It has some of the best writing of an anime series (including the dub writing), as well as fabulous voice actors (Japanese and English), and long lasting interest (as it is still running in Japan). The animation is, at first, really childish looking, but it really grows on you and actually acts as a great contrast to the more "adult" content of the episodes. It's ashame [ adult swim ] didn't give it a better time slot.

  25. I was a little surprised with no Gundam Wing on there, but then again 8th MS Team was pretty damn good too. I agree with your comments about it too, for once a mecha without an overpowered 13 year old. Code Geass is alright, maybe #10, but it just...I dunno, it feels like the anime equivalent to the "Twilight" books in my opinion. Could have been great, but is more glitter than gold. Flavor of the week really. There's a lot others I could list, but this is syndicated anime and I'm not talking about all the premium channels that show them occasionally for an extra 21 bucks a month.

  26. Hi Lani. I love your work at TFS, so I wanted to view your YYH Abridges episodes, but for some crap reason, "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.
    This video is unavailable. " Even though this particular anime never aired in my country >_>
    Is it possible to upload them to blip tv/TGWTG website?
    Episodes 1 & 8 are the only ones that I can view.

    Unless you have another non-youtube place where I can watch them....

  27. love your list... everything on there is right where it should be, dbz is my favorite anime of all time but cowboy bebop is still so much better.

  28. Nice list. I agree with most of them. Props for the Outlaw Star! I loved that show, and I find it odd its not mentioned very much even though almost everyone I've talked too likes it.

    I'm surprised that Case Closed made your list honestly, not many mention it..
    I'll agree with the number it came in on though, crap time slot is crap, a good show none the less.

    But really, I give you big big props for # 1! You hit the nail on the head, I completely agree. Cowboy bebop is a fine show, and one of my personal favorites. Good review, can't wait till the next vid.

  29. You know I like youre list but comon cowboy bebop C'MON this is how it should go

    !10.Pokemon..... HA aHA aHA ha just kiddin 10 is #hack//sign

    ! Piece


    !7.Death Note

    !6.YU YU Hakusho


    !4.Inuyasha dbz started me of but this pulled me in


    !2.COde GEASS

    !1.AFRO SAMURAI/AIR GEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR couldnt decide just yet i'll what till season 2 os Afro comes out

    AND ofcourse on my list DBZ and DB as well as Desert punk for some reason dosent even have to be listed its in a leuage of its own.

  30. Oh AND Good luck with the abriged series keep'em coming.

  31. man lani you are the only person pretty much anywhere i can just sit and watch for like hours.... your just like anime.
    uhhmmm you left out thundercats and voltron... duh XD.
    keep doin what your doin +1 yellow rupee

  32. The funny thing about case closed or as it's actually named detective conan is that it's still airing in japan it's actaually at it's 544th episode. To bad it didn't do so well in north america.

  33. I thought bleach might of made your list but i guess not also you can watch one piece on and it is funimation dubbed so yeah it swears and is hell of alot better then 4kids version also deeper story line. there only up to episode 66 though.

  34. God, Cowboy Bebop is just... it's just so so good. And it was the first anime I ever watched, so of course it could never be anything but number one for me. But other than that I'm embarassed I've not seen much else in the top ten. Other than FMA and DBZ of course. Everyone has heard of them.
    I think I should watched Case Closed. It seems like the kinda show I'd like. Thanks for informing me!

  35. I've seen Bebop at least twice through and its one of my most hated animes (I gave it a lot of chances). I absolutely hate all the characters and the story. So damn annoying.

  36. Nice list. I think that you would a shounen anime from the 80's called Saint Seiya. Lot's of action and yet a very deep story.

  37. I can't believe that Tenchi Muyo didn't even make the top 15...that show, DBZ, and yu yu Hakusho got me into anime...Ryoko is probably the most bad ass character in a series.

  38. I agree with you on some parts but not others...
    But even though this is true my list is extremely different

    1. DragonBall z
    2. DragonBall
    3. Naruto
    4. Gundam 00
    5. One Piece
    6. Bleach
    7. Inyuhasha
    8. Yu YU hakusho
    9. Yu-Gi-Oh
    10. Death Note

  39. I have seen some good animes here is my list

    1 Berserk (Manga of course)
    2 Elfen Lied
    3 DBZ
    4 Gurren Lagann
    5 Yu Yu Hakusho
    6 Cowboy Bepop
    7 Samurai Chanploo
    8 Hellsing OVA
    9 Claymore
    10 Death Note 1-25

  40. yu yu hakusho is awesome its one of the first i had ever seen i think i saw dbz first but i havent seen all the dbz episodes i have seen all the yu yu hakusho episodes i havent seen the movie because my friend said the same people didnt voice it and it was messed up i have seen the parody wich was funny as hell inuyasha,yu yu hakusho,DBZ,full metal alchamist,and trigun thoses were probably the first and best that i have seen but i dont really remember them cause i was young when i saw them and eventually im gona wach all of them like i did yu yu hakusho

  41. Good list I have added it to mine as well.

  42. I love your list, it has a lot of amazing and classic animes-Rurouni Kenshin and Full Metal Alchemist particularly. I was quite surprised, however, to not see Yu Yu Hakusho on the number one spot(Probably just because it seems like it would suit you. :P) But, to me, Yu Yu Hakusho is-without a doubt-my number one anime. That was the anime I would just love to see each week. It holds so many great memories for me, and it never gets old. It is the only anime, other than Deathnote, I have watched more than 5 times. It was also where I developed my first anime crush, and for anyone who has seen the anime, I think it should be fairly obvious who. (;
    Overall, I think my list would probably consist of a lot of relatively new animes, probably because I'm from a different generation then you(Estimating, probably an entire decade younger.)
    Anyways, here goes my attempt at top 10 animes:
    1. Yu yu Hakusho
    2. Full Metal Alchemist
    3. Elfen Lied
    4. Deathnote
    5. Gantz
    6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya(I'm a bit ashamed to having a full-on shojo on my list, but its actually quite entertaining, even though it filled with "Sailor Moon Syndrome.")
    7. Samurai Chanploo
    8. Code Geass
    9. Naruto(Even with all the plot holes and cliches)
    10. Rurouni Kenshin
    Keep up the amazing videos, Lani. (:

  43. Cant Pick in any order but

    1 Berserk
    2 scryed
    3 Bleach
    4 Naruto
    5 samurai 7
    6 code geass
    7 Samurai Chanploo
    8 Hellsing OVA
    9 Claymore
    10 Death Note

  44. DBZ is also the anime that gots me into anime.
    and altough there a lot of anime know that I like more, because of the story and characters, I still mis the day's when i first saw the show.
    cowboy bepop is one of the few anime I saw on television( in my country, there is only kids anime on TV) but the ruinied by sometimes just not airing it, and making me miss certain episoides. I still hope that one day i will lose that memory, and rewatch it from scratch.
    never saw the kenshin anime, only read the manga. And i find it so good, that i do not dare to watch the anime, in case is sucks.

    the full metal alchemist anime was one of my favorites, put is now pushed backwards because of the FMA brotherhood anime, wich follows the manga a lot better, and is just a lot better in characters and story than the first.

  45. well there is my list in not specific order: naruto, death note, evangelion, sailor moon, dragon ball, shaman king, ranma 1/2, akira, memories, totoro, naussica, well I pass ten for a little but these is my list.

  46. My favorite out of the ones you listed is easily Fullmetal Alchemist. I like Cowboy Bebop but I thought Samurai Champloo was better. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden is my favorite anime.

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